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Whether you are after massive growth or aspire to redefine the virtual world, ITRex has the talent and experience to make it happen. We think big. We think future. Innovators at our heart, we also think business. We will help you build a mind-blowing metaverse solution that produces a real impact.
Metaverse Consulting Metaverse Development & Integration NFT Marketplace Development & Integration 3D Visualizations Are you ready to enter the metaverse era? Whether you are on the lookout for big ideas or examining business opportunities, ITRex R&D labs can provide you with great analysis and a successful metaverse strategy. We will map out a tech vision and develop your MVP, too, to capture user expectations early on. Use our best-in-class AR/VR and blockchain expertise for building a decentralized platform. Our teams create truly immersive virtual environments that allow users to interact, hang out, learn, or even work. We also implement integrations to add value to your custom metaverse project, from APIs to data and services. We can develop your NFT marketplace from scratch or wrap a white-label solution into bespoke design. An intuitive storefront, trading mechanisms, smart-contract protocols, crypto wallets, complex features, or integrations on top of a popular NFT marketplace, we do it all. Interoperability and security are covered. As part of our metaverse development services, ITRex delivers cutting-edge 3D visualizations to create impressive user experiences. We do awesome 3D models, spatial mapping, virtual events, 360° tours, and much more for both simple and complex visualizations using an interoperability approach.

Our metaverse solutions for industries

As the metaverse tech stack matures, unique opportunities are becoming a reality for companies across industries. A leader in innovation, the ITRex metaverse development company loves challenges. We will be happy to figure out the best way for you to venture into the virtual economy ahead of others. Let’s discuss your futuristic vision and make the mark in the metaverse.

Collaboration Virtual events We can build a metaverse environment for online meetings, a virtual office that mimics your real working space, and other collaboration solutions driving next-level operational efficiency. Offering a great way for everybody to get together, the metaverse can be used for holding social events, from concerts to awards ceremonies. ITRex knows how to make them powerful and engaging.
Social media Art Reinvent social media usage with virtual reality experiences that users can explore with their 3D avatars. Or partner with our metaverse development company to build a blockchain-powered social media platform offering end-to-end encryption for every interaction. Looking to launch an immersive virtual art gallery for discovering digital and physical art? Our metaverse development company will help. We deliver 3D tours, art tokenization, exhibitions, and viewing rooms that can be set up easily.
Retail Education Tap our expertise to build a virtual environment mirroring your store, along with a cryptocurrency payment gateway. We can also enrich customer experiences with live-shopping events, virtual dressing rooms, or try-on apps. Combining deep domain expertise and our unmatched tech skills, we, we can help you extend online learning into the metaverse delivered in VR and AR modes for an inspiring interaction and impact.
Healthcare Real Estate Change how patient care, medical education, or research is delivered with the help of our metaverse developers who know how to get the most of the latest advances in extended reality and AI. As part of our metaverse development services, we can create a fully fledged marketplace for virtual real estate. Or, we can build land and things on it. Need a realistic virtual tour? We have you covered too.
Fashion Manufacturing We create immersive brand experiences that are essential for meaningful connections with customers, from virtual showrooms to NFTs allowing consumers to purchase virtual versions of physical products. Leverage our metaverse development services to bring simulations and digital twins to a new level while improving product designs, manufacturing processes, product development collaboration, and safety.

Our metaverse development tech stack

At ITRex, we keep a close eye on the latest advances in AR/VR, AI, blockchain technology, and 3D modeling to deliver winning metaverse solutions for our clients. Bring us your metaverse idea. We’ll come up with the right tech approach to make it a stunning reality.

AR/VR Development
Unity, ARKit, ARCore, Unreal engine
3D Content
Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini, Ready Player ME
Solidity, Ethereum, ERC-721, Solana, OpenSea, Binance NFT

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R&D. Our R&D labs work as incubators to create, research, prototype, and validate metaverse ideas. This way, we make sure you create an impactful product.
High-performing team. Whatever your challenge in the metaverse space is, we can draw on the expertise of our 230+ cross-functional in-house team to deliver fast and at scale.
Top expertise. We have completed dozens of successful projects in AR/VR, AI, and blockchain and can bring unique knowledge to the table.
Cross-industry experience. Providing end-to-end software development services for more than a decade across industries, we know how to navigate your industry shift with ease.