ITRex — Experts by your side

Mature in-house Java community
80% of mid/senior Java developers & consultants
13+ years of experience in building leading Java apps
Completed Java projects of up to 10,000+ dev hours
Global corporations among happy clients
Long-term partnerships
Proven track record in virtually every industry vertical
Unique knowledge retention

Java development services to meet your needs

Make the most of your tech investment with our Java development company. We don’t just write clean code. We solve our clients’ problems, bringing a fresh perspective, versatile Java expertise, and unparalleled commitment to the table.
Custom Java development Java Web Development Java API Development Enterprise Java Solutions Get a Java team that first becomes your business expert to create a Java solution addressing your precise needs best. From simple Java apps to enterprise systems with elaborate business logic, we build highly available, secure, and top-performing custom Java software. Use our in-depth expertise in Java frameworks like Spring or Hibernate to create a resilient and responsive web-based application. Our Java development company is just a click away to cover any of your Java web development needs. As part of our Java development services, we can assist you with developing robust and secure APIs for building powerful solutions, integrating critical functionality, scaling Java applications, automating processes, personalizing user interfaces, and beyond. We are well versed in a vast collection of Java tools to create, test, and deploy a top-level Java enterprise application enabling your business. Transform your core operations and unlock new business opportunities with our extensive experience to accelerate your transformation.
Java Consulting Cloud-Based Platforms Migration & Integration Maintenance & Support When providing Java consulting services, we draw on our R&D capabilities and years of our hands-on experience in Java app development. We can help you with figuring out the right Java technology, defining the scope, improving the functionality, fixing performance issues, and more. We help with designing, optimizing, and deploying cloud-native Java solutions, including on Kubernetes. Build a cost-effective microservices-based Java application rapidly, using our full-stack Java development services powered by our DevOps and cloud expertise. Breathing new life into your app with the latest Java technologies can be fast and easy with the right experts by your side. Be it strategy assessment, app updates, reengineering, or data migration, our mature Java community does the best job under tight deadlines. Roll out and run your Java application smoothly with our tailored Java application maintenance and support services. Our certified Java engineers can support any Java project, from adding new features or modules to optimization, application management, and lifetime support

How our Java development company can provide the best value to you

We can add Java app development capabilities of any size to augment your team or company. From a dedicated team to individual developers, we handle your Java project from start to finish or can step in at any stage of the process. You hire us on a Time & Material or fixed-price basis. Learn more about our engagement models.
In-house team augmentation Dedicated team Get extra Java talent to fill in knowledge gaps and give a boost to your project. You will manage the resources directly. We will deliver top-notch Java expertise, full integration into your project, and flexible scale-ups when you need them. If you want us to fully cover for your Java project end-to-end or a slice of it, hire our dedicated team, leaving all management and recruiting headaches to us. We set up autonomous teams of qualified Java developers who will work exclusively for you.
No matter your project needs, we can always provide you with the right professionals, including:
Java Architect
Java Developer
QA Lead
Business Analyst
UI/UX Specialist
Java Team Lead
Javascript Developer
QA Engineers
Project Manager
DevOps Engineer

Solutions our Java development company creates

Having delivered both simple and highly complex Java projects across industries, the ITRex Java community brings in unrivaled experience. Below are a few examples of Java solutions we’ve successfully built for our happy clients, including global giants:

Smart contracts
Accommodation booking software
Document management systems
Patient management solutions
Video streaming functionality
Cryptocurrency products
Cruise management system
Education software
Telemedicine platforms
Intelligent automation systems

What makes our Java development company unique

Easy onboarding Fast kickoff Performance guarantee Zero friction You get best-matching CVs in as little as 24 hours, with no recruitment fees The development process can be launched in 1 or 2 weeks after we sign a contract You can try our team for thirty days and replace any member according to your requirements We are flexible to overlap as many working hours as possible with your business
End-to-end support Certified Java developers Effective communication Agile approach We provide any specialist you need and cover 24x7 DevOps and cloud support Our Java community consists of Java EE Web/Business, Java SE, Oracle and AWS certified professionals You can talk to our developers directly and choose the level of reported detail You go to market earlier as we deliver releases every 2-6 weeks and incremental updates a few times a day

Technologies we use

Java Platforms Security Frameworks Architecture UI Frameworks
  • Java
  • Groovy
  • Scala
  • Kotlin
  • JAAS
  • Spring security
  • Enterprise
  • SOA
  • Microservices
  • Thymeleaf
  • Vaadin
  • GWT
  • JSP
  • JSF (Primefaces, Richfaces)
  • JQuery
  • JS
Java Programming Persistence/ORM Tools Reporting Database
  • Spring
  • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Servlets
  • JSF
  • Apache Struts
  • JMS
  • Log4J
  • XSL
  • XSLT
  • Apache Commons
  • Apache POI
  • JPA
  • Spring Data
  • Hibernate
  • FlyWay
  • iBatis/MyBatis
  • JasperReports
  • Apache POI
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB