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Who we are
ITRex is more than 300 technology professionals based in Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, and the USA. We write software, craft strategies, and give expert advice.

We solve problems and drive growth for our clients. They’ve included big names like Walmart, Take a Swing at Cancer, Procter & Gamble, Dun & Bradstreet, Warner Bros., 21st Century Fox, and the Dollar Shave Club.
Our capabilities include:
Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data
Embedded systems and the Internet of Things
Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality
Intelligent business automation
Who should apply
Look, this is not for everyone.
If you only want a salary and don’t much care about how good your projects are, you’ll probably hate it here. If you hide behind policies and processes because, secretly, you’re terrified of owning ideas or decisions, you too will think it sucks.
Now ask yourself (and be honest)
Does being part of a shoddy project bother you so much that you have to speak up?
Do you care about your client, your project, your decisions and your team?
Do you get a buzz out of solving hard problems?
Honesty, transparency and family spirit
We strive always to be honest with each other and the client. That’s more than being truthful, it’s about not dodging responsibility or concealing important things.

We aren’t afraid to argue. Because we care about our work, it happens. We disagree like family; we help and support each other no matter what.

Our managers live by this too. You’re never too junior to ask questions or to have an opinion.
Do you play to win? Or just to avoid blame?
Does this sound overly lofty? We’re definitely not perfect. We make mistakes.
You’re allowed to get things wrong – even horribly wrong – sometimes too. If you’re honest enough to own your mistakes, you will be safe. Working at ITRex, you’ll watch us admit mistakes all the time. That’s what initiative and transparency looks like. We are all committed to each other’s success. All we ask in return is the same commitment back.
Flexibility and balance
We believe in hard work. That means you honestly give your best effort. It doesn’t mean you give every waking hour.
Our crew is motivated and accountable, so they earn a lot of trust. Flexible and remote working arrangements are no problem.
If you’re so stuck on a hard problem that you need to switch gears, head to the gym to work out, or to the Playstation to shoot bad guys.
Opportunity and growth
We expect you to work hard on difficult challenges, among high-level professionals who support you. You will take hard decisions, with permission to make mistakes and learn from them. If you have the attitude to make this work, your skills will level up fast and you’ll feel proud of how you grow. We offer language classes and career progression tracks too.
Many say they want this
Some even mean it. If you feel like you’d thrive at ITRex, we’d love to hear from you. Please browse through our vacancies and see if anything suits you.
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