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Partner with ITRex for cutting-edge NLP services to automate your business and seize opportunities that recent advances in NLP are unlocking right now

Use our NLP services to your company’s strategic advantage

Encompassing AI, generative AI, ML, deep learning, natural language understanding, knowledge graph technology, and beyond, our natural processing solutions can help your business:
Dig up insights
hidden within your cross-functional documents and unstructured data like emails, customer support tickets, product reviews, socials, and more
Make document processing easier
by automatically pulling out essential data like key phrases, sentiment, and topics
Stand out from the competition
by training your own domain-specific ML model that beats out-of-the-box solutions in speed, precision, and cost efficiency
Keep your sensitive data secure
by identifying and cutting out personal information

ITRex NLP services at a glance

Whether you're just starting to explore NLP or already deep into it, our team of AI development experts stays on the cutting edge of technology to bring you the best possible solution. We know how to overcome the biggest hurdles in this game—data security and governance, building a business case for an NLP project, and achieving the accuracy and quality needed to put models into production.

Custom NLP Solutions
Don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions that don’t cut it. Our custom NLP solutions are tailored to fit your specific use case, combining pre-built and custom models with advanced tools for seamless integration with your existing systems.
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Model Selection and Optimization
Choosing the right NLP model and optimizing hyperparameters can be complex. We've got the expertise to help you navigate the process. We can also train a smaller language model and fine-tune it with your data.
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NLP Consulting and Strategy
Get unbeatable guidance from our consultants, from spotting untapped opportunities for NLP within your organization to researching models that train efficiently, evaluating your existing NLP solutions, and crafting a roadmap for NLP adoption.
NLP App Development
ITRex’s team of expert product designers and developers can help you create a stellar NLP application to cater to your every need—from a conversational AI chatbot for customer service to an advanced search system, a language translation app, or a text processing solution.
NLP Integration
Seamlessly integrate custom NLP capabilities into your systems with ITRex NLP services. Let our experts help you tackle legacy system challenges and develop custom APIs, database integrations, and more.
Data Collection and Annotation
Get enough data to train your language-based ML models and digital assistants. From text and speech collection to industry-specific database cleaning, our expertly crafted workflows deliver high-quality output at a low cost.
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Ongoing Maintenance and Updates
Keep your NLP models accurate and effective. Our natural language processing services include ongoing maintenance and retraining to help you keep up with the ever-changing demands of your business
Generative AI Implementation
We will help you select a commercially available Gen AI model and deploy it as it is or fine-tune it on your own data. We're well-versed in small language models, too, and can recommend the best implementation approach based on your project requirements.

Our NLP solutions bridge the language gap between human and technology

As a top AI consulting firm, ITRex can find an exact answer to your NLP needs.

Document Mining Insightful Text Analytics Summarization Intelligent search Glean relevant insights from unstructured documents such as emails, social media feeds, or PDFs Leverage ML for keyword extraction, named entity recognition, part of speech tagging, classification, and beyond for document management or spam detection Transform big pieces of data into useful summaries for easier consumption Revolutionize search with semantic technology that goes beyond keywords and understands user intent and context
Speech recognition Conversational UI Sentiment Analysis Natural Language Generation Empower your app to follow voice commands or answer spoken questions Build a chatbot to deliver a new distribution channel, enhance customer service, or better promote your brand Understand attitudes and emotions behind messages from various sources like social media feeds, reviews, responses, and more Produce high-quality, consistent language across your communications while automating reporting and repetitive content creation

We build NLP solutions unique to your industry

We work closely with you to get to the bottom of your business challenge and come back with a natural language processing solution that gets the job done in the most efficient way.

Make searches more on point and suggest stuff your customers are sure to love based on what they're looking for and what they've done before
Customer support chatbots
Automate answers to simple questions and redirect more complex ones to the right person, cutting support costs
Help patients even better by digging through their records to find out what's going on and catch any potential health problems early
Boost research capabilities by automatically extracting relevant insights from research reports, clinical trials, and EHRs
Take advantage of automated processing of financial reports and statements to detect risk, fraud, and potential non-compliance issues
Legal documentation
Streamline contract management by automatically extracting key information and catching any potential problems in your documents
Real estate
Tap our natural language processing services to analyze real estate listings and what people like to make it easy to find a great spot
Automatically grade students’ work and provide feedback to students to improve learning outcomes and reduce manual effort

Key technologies we use

ITRex’s NLP specialists are at the forefront of natural language processing solutions. They have experience delivering bespoke NLP solutions that not only solve narrow business problems — although that is what we unfailingly do — but also spark change in entire industries.

For cleaning and processing raw text data, which involves tokenization, stemming, lemmatization, stop word removal, and other techniques, our arsenal includes:
  • • NLTK, SpaCy, TextBlob, and other libraries for specific NLP tasks
  • • Data normalization, data cleaning, and data transformation techniques
  • • Pandas, NumPy, and Scikit-learn general-purpose libraries for data manipulation, analysis, and ML
To extract features from text data to build models, including bag-of-words, n-grams, part-of-speech tags, and named entities, we use:
  • • PyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, Gensim libraries
For performing text embedding required in many NLP tasks, we leverage:
  • • Word2Vec, BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), Transformer-XL, ELMo (Embeddings from Language Models), FastText, GloVe, etc.
Language models are responsible for understanding the meaning of the text generated by the speech-to-text engine. Our toolset includes:
  • • Attentions and Transformers models, N-gram models
  • • Llama, GPT, Mistral, Gemini

Why choose ITRex for NLP services

Our AI expertise in designing and engineering AI, ML, DL, and chatbot solutions makes us your go-to partner for the toughest projects.
Our flexibility and vendor-agnostic approach mean we only recommend the best tools and technologies for your unique needs.
Our in-house R&D lab allows us to experiment with the latest tech and build prototypes based on critical insights, so we can proactively solve your challenges.
We deliver value from day one, sharing feedback early and ensuring 100% transparency about the effort, tools, and technologies needed to realize your vision.

Natural language processing FAQs

How much data is required to start an NLP project?
Generally, it’s recommended to begin with as much data as you can collect or obtain, particularly for more complex NLP solutions or deep learning-based approaches. An NLP project's initial data requirements vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the task, the type of NLP model you plan to use, the diversity of the language, and data quality. When the data is limited or scarce, you can explore techniques such as data augmentation or transfer learning.
Transfer learning, a machine learning technique where a pre-trained model is fine-tuned on task-specific data, can mitigate the need for large volumes of labeled data. Trained on large-scale datasets, these models (e.g., GPT, BERT) can be fine-tuned on smaller, domain-specific datasets to attain high performance on particular NLP tasks with less data.
How can NLP solutions help my business?
Natural language processing solutions can provide numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes across various industries. Big-name companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have been using NLP for a long time to improve their products and services. If your business deals with text and document processing, customer service, data entry, or content creation, a bespoke NLP solution can help improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, gain competitive insights, drive sales, and make better-informed decisions across various aspects of business operations.
How do NLP solutions differ from Gen AI tools, and what's right for my business?
While both NLP solutions and generative AI technologies fall under the umbrella of artificial intelligence (AI), they serve different purposes and have distinct features. NLP solutions primarily focus on understanding and processing information written in natural language. Gen AI tools, in turn, are used for a broader range of intelligent behaviors beyond just language processing, including image and text generation, music composition, and even creating synthetic data for training AI models.
Hence, if your company works predominantly with text-based data and needs to perform activities like text categorization, sentiment analysis, or language translation, then NLP solutions will better suit your needs. However, generative AI solutions would be more appropriate, if your company requires a broader range of AI capabilities beyond language processing, such as image recognition, predictive modeling, content creation, or music composition.
The specific use cases, available resources, and objectives you have in mind will determine which option is the right fit for your company. We will carefully evaluate your requirements and choose the option that works best for your needs.
What does ITRex do to help clients maximize their return on NLP investments/reach tangible results from day one?
We provide value right away, offering early feedback and ensuring complete transparency regarding the time, resources, and technologies required to bring your vision to life. We include transparency in every step of the process, gathering input from our clients along the way and keeping them informed at every turn.

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