Our modern data architecture consulting services

From new tools supporting key data processes and workflows to bleeding-edge applications that allow users to extract value from data in more powerful ways, we implement all components of modern data architecture. Be it a blueprint for cloud-native BI, data lakes supporting multiple use cases, or AI/ML, our modern data architecture consulting services deliver game-changing performance and scalability for your data structures.
Data audit
Get a comprehensive assessment of your data assets and environments to understand the health of platforms, capabilities, and how you can unlock the full potential of your data
Data ecosystem setup
Design a superior data ecosystem that will make the difference for your business growth. We will guide you through all data decisions and regulatory challenges
Data warehousing
Implement a modern data warehouse, data lake or lakehouse and integrate it with a powerful processing engine for accurate reporting, BI, data analytics, or data science
Data management
Empower insightful data analysis with top-quality data by adopting robust data management and data governance practices with in-built data privacy and security
Data catalog
Enable your team to find the data they need and understand where it comes from and how trustworthy it is with automated metadata collection, data management, and search capabilities
Data migration
Achieve scalability and speed with migration of data workflows to the cloud. We will design a tailored migration plan that will detail environments, training, and going live
Real-time analytics
Process data in real time to enable new business applications, from accurate-to-the-second predictions to customer behavioral analytics, and utilization of IoT data
Leverage our extensive AI/ ML expertise to build an ML stack automating and facilitating agile and efficient data processes, from data acquisition to processing and advanced analytics

How you benefit from our modern data architecture consulting

We listen to your data challenges and learn your business. Then we design the best-fit solution based on best practices in modern data architecture consulting services. This way we help you become a forward-looking data-driven enterprise that knows how to identify and exploit new sources of value and cultivate future opportunities.

Rapid addition of new data sources
Reliable, current, and consistent data
Secure and stable ecosystem
Easy integration of new capabilities
Cost savings with open-source software
Flexible data modeling for fast data exploration
Lower data storage costs
Ability to have larger data sets for analysis
Optimized data warehouse workloads
Lower data processing time
Smart data visualization for self-service environments
Opportunities for sophisticated analysis

How our modern data architecture consultants deliver value

Relying on hand-on experience with dozens of deployments, our modern data architecture consulting firm helps business craft secure and flexible data architecture and integration programs. We identify value-producing projects and data products while providing expertise and governance at every step of your data journey.

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A poor-performing data warehouse delays time to insight? Data storage and processing costs outstrip budgets? Legacy databases are not scaling? We identify your most pressing problems and translate them into clear use cases
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Data Strategy
Our modern data architecture consultants formulate a comprehensive data strategy that accounts for metadata management, unified data governance, data movement, and other critical aspects. The purpose is to get you clean and actionable use-case data from both structured and unstructured sources
Data Architecture
We design a data architecture capable of accomodating new solutions coming to the market. This includes database structures, systems linking data with business processes, integration points, and the choice of the best ways to capture, process and analyze terabytes of data
We help you choose the right analytics platform or integrate your tool with the latest tech to make sure you get valuable insights. We provide simple and easy-to-use front-end interfaces to enable self-service environments and also develop a logical service layer that can be reused across projects

Why ITRex modern data architecture consulting firm

Unmatched data architecture skills Vendor-agnostic Truly diverse expertise Delivering modern data architecture consulting services since 2009, we’ve built a variety of ground-breaking big data solutions for established names, driving their digital transformation We aren’t tied to any vendors, so we only recommend the tooling that suits your unique business needs best, from data discovery to storage layers, data processing, and dashboards The expertise of our modern data architecture consultants spans all components of data architecture delivered across many industries, from finance to education, healthcare, manufacturing, and beyond

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