Lead your way from data chaos to business clarity with our data integration solutions

ITRex data integration solutions empower companies like yours to turn messy data coming from disparate sources — online, offline, applications, devices, and systems — into a source of practical insights. No matter the size or complexity of your data assets, we can leverage our data integration consulting know-how to help you:
Move your data in and out of your organization seamlessly
Build a cutting-edge data integration platform that evolves with your business
Integrate and enhance data transformation processes for analytics at scale
Refine data management to perfection to ensure data integrity and security
Easily access and share your data across cloud, mobile, analytics, and other environments
Harness real-time metrics, instant alerts, and custom dashboards to take control of your business

Tap into our data integration services to make better business decisions

We tailor the scope of our data integration services to your needs. So, whether you want to draw an integration roadmap, implement a data integration solution from the ground up, or hand over a particular aspect of data integration — we do it all.

Data integration consulting
We assess your current data flows, ideate the future data integration solution, and prepare a future-proof data integration strategy
End-to-end data integration solution development
We take over all aspects of data integration, from designing a consolidated data ecosystem through transforming and migrating your assets to implementing data governance practices
Data cleansing & transformation
We clean and transform your data to make sure the consolidated dataset is consistently formatted
Data architecture design
With your data flows, business goals, and analytics requirements in mind, we design an integrated data ecosystem you may rely on — easily accessible, searchable, and transparent
Data warehouse design & implementation
Drawing on our expertise in data warehouse consulting, we architect scalable cloud repositories that serve as a single point of access to all enterprise data
Data migration
We seamlessly migrate your data from disparate sources to a centralized repository and carry out thorough migration testing
Data governance
Our data integration consultants design and set up practices that help you maintain the availability, integrity, and security of data across the enterprise

Leverage cutting-edge technologies to maximize value from your data

At our core, we're problem-solvers who love a good challenge. That's why we stay on the cutting edge of tech. Combine your data integration with innovative solutions powered by AI/ML, big data, and IoT to stay ahead of the curve.

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Agile Data Storage
Get a custom data warehouse or a data lake that is always up-to-date and analytics-ready or add computing to your raw data storage with a data lakehouse to get access to quality data and complex integrations.
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Real-Time Intelligence
Connect your enterprise data to real-time streams. Our data integration services provide tailored data streaming solutions to enable instant analysis.
Don't just collect data – harness its full potential with our AI/ML expertise. We'll help you transform data intelligently and unlock insights with predictive analytics and NLP.
Gather real-time data from your physical devices with a custom IoT application and consolidate it with ease. Our data integration solution will enable you to make sense of this complex data.

Minimize risks with our data integration services

Experts in data integration consulting, we know that data integration can be daunting. To take the pressure off your shoulders, we set up proven workflows in place. Once we get your request, our cooperation unfolds in the following manner:

Our data integration consultants outline the business requirements to the future data integration solution and create a project roadmap.
We examine your data sources, sketch out data flows, and assess the quality of your data. We follow by choosing the optimal approach to data integration, designing a consolidated data architecture, and choosing the appropriate technology stack.
We craft a detailed project plan covering its scope, timeline, efforts, and KPIs — accompanied by thorough risk assessment.
Our data integration consultants design the architecture of the consolidated data solution and map out new data flows and data transformation rules.
We engineer the consolidated data architecture, carry out thorough testing, and provide post-integration support.

Choose ITRex as your data integration services partner

We are experienced: We have 13 years of experience providing data management services to companies across sectors, from healthcare through retail to media, and beyond.
We integrate large-scale data: We craft integration solutions for data-heavy enterprises, so you don’t have to make a tradeoff between interoperability and agility.
We integrate multiple types of data: If you’re dealing with data of multiple delivery styles like batch, streaming, or event, we got you covered. We know how to handle real-time data integration, too.
We overcome data semantic issues: Stored across systems, the same data can be formatted differently. Before integrating data sources, we make sure to transform the existing entries for maximum interoperability.
We keep integration infrastructure costs under control: maintaining an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure can be costly. We guarantee you only pay for the resources you need when you need them.

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