End-to-end life science consulting and software development services

As a company providing life science consulting services, we’re aware of the unique challenges our customers face. The growing R&D costs, pressure to improve patient care, mergers and acquisitions disrupting supply chains, and new regulations — we know under how much pressure you operate. Here’s what we can do to alleviate it:
Life science strategy consulting
We assess where your neuroscience, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or genetics company stands in the digital world and whether it has the right resources and infrastructure in place to implement novel technologies. Partner with our life science consulting firm to accelerate your digital transformation!
Big data services
We facilitate your R&D activities by breaking the silos between your life science IT solutions, reviewing your data, and preparing it for algorithm-driven analysis. Next, we’ll apply advanced data analytics and visualization approaches, empowering every member of your team to use the life science software for better decision making.
Supply chain transformation
We’ll help build resilient supply chains by syncing data sources, harnessing robotic process automation (RPA) to automate form-filling tasks, implementing eProcurement solutions, and creating web and mobile applications for just-in-time (JIT) inventory management. Get in touch with our life science consulting experts!
AI enablement
We infuse life science software with artificial intelligence algorithms so that you could process more data, spot trends in it, and model complex scenarios. With this knowledge, you will better evaluate cell response to novel drugs, develop personalized treatment plans, prevent diseases from spreading, and more!
IoT implementation
We leverage the power of embedded apps, smart sensors, energy-efficient connectivity protocols, and other IoT technologies to transform your assets into a wealth of valuable information. As part of our life science software development services, we also create the Internet of Bodies (IoB) solutions for efficient vital signs and medication intake monitoring.
Cloud development
We know how to scale data storage and cloud computing resources on demand, optimize life science software IT infrastructure costs with Kubernetes and DevOps, and improve access to critical data across your research locations and in the field. Reach out to our life science consulting team to discuss your cloud needs!

Life science software solutions we build

When providing life science consulting and software development services, we strive to create integrated systems rather than standalone life science software solutions. Partner with ITRex to implement:

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Resource management systems
Amid the supply chain chaos and health data deluge, you could achieve 360-degree inventory visibility, combat personnel shortage, and reduce operating costs with innovative life science solutions for resource management — from monitoring trial opt-in vs. opt-out levels to enforcing company-wide quality control.
Digital twins
The ITRex team draws on our vast knowledge of the metaverse-enabling technologies, including augmented reality, 3D modeling, AI, and Internet of Everything, to create virtual replicas of individual living organisms and entire ecosystems, workflows, and manufacturing facilities.
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Collaboration platforms
Whether you want to broadcast a surgery, deliver instructions remotely, or meet colleagues in a private virtual environment, we could do it all. Our life science software development expertise spans document management systems, project planning software, video conferencing tools, messengers, and digital whiteboards.
Automation solutions
We could link your IT systems on the API level or enhance your software with RPA bots and AI agents. No matter what your process automation needs are, our life science consulting firm can help you facilitate or fully automate scientific workflows, from inventory count to clinical trial management.
Patient-centered technologies
With our life science consulting company, you’ll tap into integrated healthcare, supporting patients on their way from pre-diagnosis to recovery. ITRex will also help you build systems to identify and recruit patients for clinical trials, keep trial participants engaged, and dive into deeper patient insights.
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Laboratory software
Whether you’re a blood bank or a clinical pathology laboratory, our expertise in life science software development and laboratory informatics makes us the go-to company for handling your project, be it customizing laboratory information management systems or meeting healthcare regulatory requirements.

Why life science companies choose ITRex?

We always start with a strategy. Drawing on our extensive experience in R&D, the ITRex team takes a holistic approach to building life science solutions. We create a blueprint for your life science software early on, think out how the new app will pair with existing systems and third-party services, and deploy the product iteratively, reducing its time to value.
We foster innovation. We don’t shy away from novel technologies like virtual reality or blockchain. That’s why we know how to overcome technology-specific life science software development challenges and maximize return on your investments.
We have a way with data. As a life science consulting company with a strong background in data science, ITRex can help you map out your data solution architecture, discover the data that previously went unused for analytics, and create vendor-agnostic data ecosystems using customizable SaaS platforms and open-source technologies.
We care about outcomes.Our life science consulting and software development services also include expert maintenance and support and continuous optimization of your life science software features.

Our life science consulting and software development projects