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In the midst of accelerating digital transformation in health services, a leading provider of medical imaging platforms wanted to offer an advanced digital X-Ray solution to market. Staying at the bleeding edge of technical innovation, the client, however, lacked specialized expertise. They approached ITRex medical imaging software development company for assistance with building next-gen software that would deliver unparalleled diagnostic quality.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Build an advanced image viewer - a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) - for optimizing and manipulating images
Incorporate a range of measurement tools for specific medical needs, including Podiatry, Chiropractic, Veterinary, Non-Destructive Testing and Security
Provide key Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) services for image storage and transfer
Implement integration with EMR/EHS clinical and management systems


A HTML5 zero-footprint PACS image viewer offering industry-specific workflows
Advanced algorithms for automatic image optimization for crystal clear quality
Management of different types of medical images, including digital x-rays, video clips, digitized x-ray film, still frame video images and digital camera shots
Easy-to-use manipulation tools for image rotation, cropping, magnification and measurements to improve diagnosis accuracy and correction, including integration with tools for NUCCA analysis, Illium analysis and stitching
Immediate access to images from any web-enabled PC after they have been scanned
DICOM compliant
Integrated with third-party patient management software for scheduling appointments, filing insurance claims and other patient-related business
Edit Patient/Study Info functionality
Filter, search and sort modality worklist
Advanced search capabilities by date, image type or exposure
Customizable report generation
Safe data storage in a cloud
Automatic backup of images
Automatic software updates
Web-based Solution for Medical Diagnostic
Solution for healthcare


The powerful and easy-to-use imaging system enables health professionals to provide more efficient patient care, with minimal technical training required
Multi-room image display assists collaboration between professionals and patient education
DICOM compliance allows for hassle-free import and export of images with third-party DICOM systems
Seamless integration with practice management systems enables an instant exchange of patient information, getting workflows up and running

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