Every cloud migration need, covered

With end-to-end cloud migration services, we care about every aspect of your experience with the cloud — from deciding which apps to migrate to validating the consistency of migrated information — to let you securely access business data from anywhere, anytime, and at lower costs.
Cloud Migration Consulting
We develop a business case and devise a custom cloud migration strategy, decide which components of your IT environment should be moved to the cloud and analyze migration risks, think over the compliance aspects and choose the right cloud implementation model and technology stack, as well as carry out migration testing and employee training
Cloud-to-Cloud Migration
We move your apps and data to a new cloud platform that best meets your changing business needs and provides for better performance and scalability. We set up cloud application migration best practices to transfer your assets with minimal disruption to your business workflows
Cloud Exit
We analyze your cloud infrastructure to justify moving back to on-premises servers and ensure seamless cloud repatriation with no data losses or performance degradation regardless of your existing cloud deployment model
Infrastructure Migration
We analyze your needs to choose an optimum IaaS vendor, plan and execute a custom infrastructure migration strategy, and verify that the new infrastructure performs without any performance or security losses
Application Migration
We seamlessly migrate your apps to the cloud, choosing the most fitting migration strategy — whether it’s rehosting, replatforming or refactoring — and connect them to on-premises infrastructure components via secure custom APIs
Data Migration
We migrate your databases quickly and securely, ensuring that no data is lost and maintaining the source database during the migration to minimize downtime

Best-fit cloud deployment models

Having helped hundreds of businesses to reach new heights with the possibilities of the cloud, we always find the best cloud environment for safeguarding your data and streamlining workflows.

Public. For quick migration to cloud computing with unlimited scalability, low upfront costs, and guaranteed maintenance
Private cloud. For unmatched security, total control over your apps and data, and wider opportunities for personalization and customization
Hybrid. For more flexibility and the possibility for the data and apps to move freely between on- and off-premises environments
Multicloud. For even higher scalability with no vendor lock-in and the ability to easily meet emerging IT needs branching out to different cloud providers
Distributed cloud. For targeting location-dependent use cases with no latency issues and minimized risk of downtime

A proven approach for fast and risk-free cloud migration

While relying on field-tested processes, we tailor them to your needs to design, validate, and execute a cloud migration strategy that causes little to no disruption to your workflows and brings fast payoff.

We assess your workloads and network architecture, security concerns, and compliance requirements, as well as analyze the motives that drive your move to the cloud to develop a strategy for fast and risk-free migration
We design a thought-out cloud migration plan for transferring your apps, databases, and other components of your on-premises infrastructure to the optimum cloud environment
We transfer your workloads and carry out migration testing to make sure no data gets lost during migration and the new environment handles the load correctly
We continuously monitor and optimize your cloud environment and adjust instance usage to let you efficiently run cloud services at minimal costs
We cater for your cloud infrastructure on a managed services basis to make sure it is high-performing, scalable, and secure

What you get with our cloud migration services

A cloud migration company with a decade of experience in cloud consulting and development, we guarantee risk-free migration to let you enjoy the benefits of the cloud to the fullest

Optimum technology stack Continuous optimization Effective cost management Unconditional security We rely on industry best practices and use top cloud computing platforms and tech to meet your business requirements When moving your infrastructure, apps, and data to the cloud, we put our extensive DevOps expertise in action for a smoother and faster migration We make sure that your cloud solution is designed to scale flexibly along with your business and consume resources only when necessary We set up advanced access management, data encryption, and API security best practices to protect your cloud software from all kinds of cyberattacks
Why work with ITRex?
Vendor-agnostic. We are not tied to any specific cloud platform provider, so we only resort to those cloud tools and technologies that are a perfect fit for your project and workflows.
Top cloud architects with niche skills. With a 300-strong team, we bring in skilled cloud migration and implementation consultants, cloud solution architects and DevOps engineers, as well as R&D department to fill any talent gaps.
Diverse expertise. A cloud migration company with 13+ years of experience, we help businesses migrate to the cloud irrespective of their niche — be it ecommerce, fintech, healthcare, logistics, real estate or any other industry
Proven track record. We’ve successfully completed 600+ projects and served 200+ happy customers across the globe.

Technology stack

Itrex’s team are experts in their trade. The software development they provided was critical to advancing the project to the next level.
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Jeff Block
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When you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable.
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Daniel Schuler
Itrex is an outstanding partner. They don't even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team.
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Ashley Lewis
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