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AWS, Jenkins, OpenVPN, Gradle, MSBuild, Firebase, Python, PowerShell


A developer of gaming apps with millions of users struggled with legacy tech in the software development lifecycle. A slow speed of infrastructure provisioning due to manual processes, inconsistencies among branches in different areas of their environments, a lack of scaling mechanisms and ad hoc infrastructure sizing led to a waste of resources and money. The client turned to ITRex for a reliable and robust Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solution.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Review and understand the client’s existing hosting architecture for successful migration to a new cloud platform
Implement IaC to provision and manage cloud infrastructure at scale and accelerate DevOps practices
Collaborate with back-end and mobile app teams in developing and implementing new branching strategies for automated builds and deployments
Design load test cases for back-end artifacts
Develop configuration models for automated infrastructure provisioning and auto scaling based on load test results and app performance metrics


Scalable and repeatable infrastructure on AWS
A mechanism for creating and managing mobile app and back-end artifacts
A complete scaling solution enabling new instances to warm up before sharing the load
Branching strategies and automated builds to achieve continuous delivery
DMS and DynamoDB data migration to the Snowflake cloud data platform
Load test scenarios in the Gatling open-source performance testing tool
Implementation of infrastructure changes within minutes
Simple AD local authentication relying on an in-built database for VPN clients
Auto scaling with the New Relic app performance monitoring tool
Automated reporting using Snowflake and marketing analytics tools like AppFlyer or Braze
IaC deployment through the execution of the source code for the development of three new apps
Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solution


With increased productivity at each stage of the software development lifecycle, the client has achieved dramatic savings on hiring costs and engineers’ salaries
The scaling solution and automated infrastructure deployment has allowed developers to concentrate more on higher-value tasks, freeing them from manual work
The IaC solution has provided huge cost savings on infrastructure by allowing scaling resources up and down with ease and paying only for the cloud computing resources actually used
Rapid scaling has considerably reduced time to market for apps developed by the client

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