Podcoin is an application that offers nearly every podcast ever made and rewards its users with digital currency (podcoins) for listening to podcasts
Entertainment, Media
Product Development
Java, Objective C, AWS services, NodeJS


Driven by the desire to help indie podcasters spread the word of their shows and reach new listeners, the client came up with the idea to develop a podcast app and brought it to us. Our team was trusted to turn the client’s brilliant idea of rewarding users with digital currency for listening podcasts into an application for both iOS and Android.

We took on the following challenges:
Design and implement an iOS and Android podcast app that would offer its users the opportunity to earn one podcoin for every 10 minutes of podcast listening
Implement internal digital currency (podcoin) that could then be redeemed for rewards like Amazon gift cards or spent on charity
Gain 10K daily active users within 4 months of launching the app


Full-cycle product development, from analysis to product launch
Integration with Listen Notes, a podcast search engine and database that enables a simple podcast search
An Invite and Bonus code feature designed to make the app go viral and allow users to earn extra podcoins for making referrals and sharing invite codes
Social features including social profiles, “follow” features, comments and Leaderboards with top podcasts and episodes to extend the app’s reach
A Bonus Podcast feature that offers a free two-week promotion after a podcaster has claimed their show on the app, gives access to advanced analytics that track listening minutes, subscribers and taps in search and allows podcasters to be featured further on for inserting ads into their shows
Feature phone - Smartphone


2,380 podcasters registered in the system
The application quickly achieved viral growth: +1,500 active users per week
35%+ D12 retention; 20%+ D30 retention
Podcoin went from 10K DAU to 35K DAU in four months, which exceeded the client’s expectations
The app scored 300K+ downloads about 3 months after launch
The Podcoin app broke into the Top Trending Apps on Google Play, and hit number 5 on the Top App Charts on the App Store
The application received a 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store and a 4.6-star rating on the Google Play Store

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