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Concerned about frequent police brutality cases in the US, Martin Whitehead, the client, set out to create an online community of support to protect people during their interaction with police and foster more humane law enforcement. He wanted to build a feature-rich, high-performing Android app to promote safe returns home, while also enhancing oversight of police activities. We felt privileged to take on a project with such a high social value.

Our team took on the following challenges:
Deliver full-cycle Android app development services, from the discovery phase to deployment and maintenance
Build various app features, including live video streaming, offline recording, automatic sending of notifications to a pre-programmed network, geolocation tracking, event mapping, and an option to comment and leave feedback on interactions with police
Implement a paid call center subscription feature to provide 24/7 live concierge support
Integrate the app with the Stripe payment system


A fully functional Android app from scratch in record time
Integration with Bambuser’s mobile live-streaming solution enabling registered users to immediately activate the app to livestream interactions with police by tapping the alert button
Automated text and email notifications sent to a pre-programmed network of family, friends, loved ones and civic and community organizations to alert them to view the video
An all-clear button to notify the network that the interaction has concluded
An Offline Recording option that allows users to record video to local storage in the offline mode, with the app automatically uploading it to the news feed when the connection is restored
A User Feedback functionality to submit user reviews of interactions with police, including the officer’s name, badge number, the reason for the stop, use of force, if any, and their rating of the overall experience
A paid call center subscription service that provides 24/7 on-demand live concierge support and enables the network to locate a person in case of arrest
Integration with third-party systems, specifically Stripe, Twilio SMS API, Google, and Facebook (for logging in to the system)
The HI-TAPO Admin Panel to manage user accounts, feedbacks and comments.
App to Help Fight Police Brutality
hita-po app to help fight police brutality


The HI-TAPO monitoring and social networking app provides immediate support for individuals interacting with law enforcement
The app is intended to make sure that people. are never alone when encountering law enforcement, and their loved ones are aware of where they are and what’s happening to them
The platform aggregates ratings and comments about interactions with police officers in the local area for transparency and community building.
HI-TAPO helps minimize the amount of time people remain unaccounted for, making them less vulnerable in the criminal justice system

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