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AI is already in the classroom, but many are still perplexed at what benefits of artificial intelligence in education are. We are here to lend a hand. Our AI development team gets started by discussing your goals and opportunities that AI can create specifically for your learning environment, be it the classroom, the workplace, or remotely. Only then we nail down your AI solution for education or corporate training, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of machine learning, intelligent automation and computer vision technologies across educational areas.
machine learning
Intelligent tutoring
Intelligent tutoring systems, including question generators and dialog-based systems that converse with students and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, providing immediate assessment and feedback
Natural Language Processing
Learning aids
AI tools for creating exploratory learning environments, NLP-driven formative writing evaluation, course recommendation systems, and smart companions to drive student achievement and engagement
Computer Vision
Teacher support
Teaching assistants and AI systems for test generation/scoring, summative writing evaluation, content recommendation, and plagiarism detection to cut down on the mundane and personalize instructions
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Smart workflows
AI data mining solutions to capture bottlenecks for better efficiency across your systems, including school management software and LMS, and learning analytics to get actionable insights

Our AI solutions for education to help you work your magic

Leverage the power of your data and artificial intelligence with our groundbreaking AI solutions for education and corporate training that we build with privacy in mind. Our educational AI software will blend smoothly with your classroom workflows, learning management systems, or day-to-day operations. Apart from integration, we also place a special emphasis on bias elimination and strong human-machine partnerships to drive adoption. Allow AI to step in while we will make sure that your AI experience is simple, cohesive, and extremely impactful.

Education personalization Task automation Inclusive education Harness AI capabilities to figure out subject understanding in students, uncover their learning style preferences and build highly personalized study schedules. AI will help you address knowledge gaps, bring up new topics when appropriate, and engage students via interactive activities. Optimize and simplify time-consuming administrative tasks, such as timetable scheduling, keeping student records, assigning students/instructors to classrooms, and homework/test grading, using our AI education expertise. Delegating routine tasks to AI opens up more time for teachers to connect with students one-to-one. Adopt AI to grant access to education for students with disabilities. AI tools can create subtitles in real time for what teachers are saying or provide an audio narration of what is in front of the camera, making classrooms available to those who are visually or hearing impaired.
Intelligent content Tutoring Safety and security Create your AI platform to automatically aggregate and contextualize lesson content from multiple sources. Generate digital textbooks and bite-sized lessons through custom AI-powered learning interfaces and provide advanced visualization and simulation solutions for better information perception. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are time-savers for teachers and parents. Providing personalized assistance to students, they can explain challenging topics and save the embarrassment that comes with asking the teacher a question in front of the class. Leverage AI and the IoT to strengthen safety and security at educational facilities. CCTV cameras with facial recognition capabilities, wearables, and vital signs monitoring solutions can help you restrict access to educational facilities and enforce social distancing.

We cater for every educational need

A company with an in-house team of AI experts, we craft artificial intelligence solutions for clients in the K-12, higher education, and corporate training markets, enabling them to improve cost efficiency and shape the future of education with unparalleled learning results.

We assist K12 leaders in creating and implementing artificial intelligence solutions that automate workflows and the mundane for teachers while helping them provide uniquely engaging learning experience that drives persistence.
Colleges and universities
Through a partnership with ITRex, you can embrace the AI-powered future, reducing the cost of learning while boosting student success and instructor productivity at the same time in the age of remote education.
EdTech startups
Our team can bridge the skills gaps in your knowledge-intensive EdTech projects, from custom robotic kits, low-code/no-code development tools for children, AI chatbots, and teleconferencing tools to eLearning platforms.
Corporate entities
We equip HRM and HRD specialists with bias-free AI training solutions for employees and help managers get data-driven insights about their corporate learning strengths and weaknesses to fix any gaps with timely interventions.

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Rethinking education in the artificial intelligence age

An epochal invention, AI is expected to fundamentally transform education as we know it. The game is on. Its speed is only accelerating, driven by the coronavirus crisis that has relaxed public attitudes to remote education. Nearly a third of millennials, who are the largest consumer group and now the primary workforce, understand AI and have some experience with it. It is time to cater to them with something future proof.

AI solutions for education and corporate training

of educators say AI will be key
to their institution’s competitiveness
of educational organizations have already
started to experiment with the technology
of educational institutions have defined
their business drivers for AI adoption
of educational leaders believe AI will help
their employees to do their jobs better
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