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Creators of an AI-enabled methodology that applies humanistic psychology to decipher emotions in content were looking for a vetted AI-development partner that could turn their innovation into a successful commercial product. The client wanted to enable media companies to detect character traits, such as creativity, social intelligence or leadership, in both content and audiences for reaching out with emotionally intelligent messages. They turned to ITRex for assistance with developing a fully functional web application using natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Our team took on the following challenges:
Provide a business analyst to gather requirements and formulate a full-scale vision of the future product on the development progress
Rebuild the client’s existing app by splitting the monolith infrastructure into back end and front end for separate development and maintenance
Refactor back end to improve its architecture and prepare documentation for API
Refactor a MATLAB AI algorithm for decoding content
Pack the system with multiple features
Implement a visualization solution to display content analysis results


A minimum viable product (MVP) with a new back-end architecture and logic
A refactored AI algorithm that deciphers emotions in content and users’ data, tags both the content and users with specific character traits based on a scientific classification system of more than 20 character traits and common language taxonomy, and matches content to audiences for targeting
A Python program based on NLTK for working with human language data
REST APIs hosted on AWS for scalability and availability
A light-weight API using Flask
A powerful visualization of analyzed content and data on an open-source radar chart, customized for the product
The user’s ability to add text corpora and train the models through their analysis, as well as add pre-trained models and export character visualizations
Display of audience sizes with specific character traits, links to other research on the text and recommendations on engaging content for the audience
AI-powered content decoding app
AI decoding app


As global entertainment leaders are stepping into a new era of emotional engagement, the app enables them to plug emotions into relationships with customers, including in content management, advertising and promotion, and sales
The solution empowers creative executives to predict the emotional response of their audiences to specific content and target them better with emotionally framed messages
Advertisers can buy audiences with character traits they are interested in for increased profits

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