A US-based enterprise-risk management company
Java, React, Docker, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, Azure EventHub, Azure Application Insights, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure PostgreSQL Database, Azure Virtual Network, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Storage, Azure Virtual Machine, Azure Functions, Azure Face


With the increasing number and sophistication of cyberattacks in the digital era, an enterprise risk management company needed to build an advanced solution that will help cyber-driven enterprises to keep ahead of bad actors. They wanted a system that would establish unique users based on biometrics, eliminating credential deception and the need for passwords or PINs. They turned to ITRex as a trustworthy partner with extensive experience in high-load cloud platforms and face recognition technology. We took over the full-cycle software development process.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Design a cybersecurity platform that allows businesses to control human and credential risks across the enterprise
Develop a single cybersecurity protocol that creates a unique human and eliminates multiples and synthetics
Design cyber credentials for all types of enterprise users (customers, employees, contractors) that are created without using biographic personal data
Design a complex microservices architecture for high-load cloud environments
Implement Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) using a cloud-agnostic tool to set up cloud infrastructure with face recognition services
Deliver a secure data transfer solution for user images
Set up a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to accelerate software delivery


An easy to deploy and use cybersecurity solution based on unique humans, not passwords, devices or data
A proprietary cybersecurity protocol that is used across the enterprise and third-party software
Cyber credentials that require only biometric parameters, guaranteeing the user's anonymity while providing safeguards against any personal data leaks or thefts
A person-to-person live video interaction tool to remotely create and confirm user identity for customer, employees, contractors
A next-gen Azure-based system consisting of an admin panel, a desktop app for end-user login, a mobile app and cloud infrastructure based on an IaC approach
Decentralized microservices that allow for quick and easy scaling and incremental changes
Cloud infrastructure services, including face recognition, backend processing, message queueing and storage accounts to receive authentication requests, perform face recognition and verify the identity of users
Integration with Microsoft Face API implemented as the first recognition service due to its better training approach compared with other recognition services studied
User authentication only with Face ID via an enterprise-side app
Secure data storage: after the creation of a user account, the system generates associated records without storing user personal information linked to the actual account
Secure data transfer from an enterprise-side app to the system
A mechanism to provide unique configuration for an enterprise with security by design
CI/CD pipeline with a customized Gitflow branching model on Azure DevOps for a consistent process to build high-quality software and automate delivery to selected environments
Azure App Service for provisioning, monitoring, updating and testing software in the complex microservices-based environment to keep backend apps reliable, highly available and fault tolerant
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Cybersecurity Solution


The biometric-based cybersecurity solution provides bulletproof protection for businesses in finance, healthcare, insurance and other cyber-driven industries from cyberthreats, data breaches and synthetic identities
The CI/CD pipeline enables the DevOps team to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably
IaC managed by Terraform makes infrastructure setup and deployment quick, safe, cost-efficient and consistent with no drift from its desired configuration

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