Medical IoT solutions to boost inpatient, outpatient, and remote patient care

We develop IoT solutions for hospitals and clinics, research and diagnostic labs, as well as biotech and healthcare technology startups. The IoMT systems we craft drive value across three directions, facilitating in-patient medical services, empowering healthcare R&D, and bringing value-based medical care closer to patients.
Smart hospitals Research & diagnostic labs Outpatient and remote patient care Point-of-care and on-site diagnostic solutions | Patient monitoring solutions | Personnel and asset management systems | Hospital navigation systems | Connected lighting, HVAC, and water management solutions | Identity verification and security systems Inventory management systems | Laboratory environment monitoring solutions | Stationary diagnostic and screening equipment | In-silico platforms for drug discovery and trials Post-rehabilitation monitoring solutions | Wearable vital signs, physical activity, and location monitoring devices | Home care voice systems Medication dispensing systems

Usher in your healthcare IoT journey with ITRex

For a decade, ITRex has been honing its skills in IoT development, medical software development, and healthcare AI. We are now willing to put our tech expertise and desire for innovation to good use and help you develop IoT solutions for healthcare that focus on patient safety and provide a straightforward way of monitoring, treating, and communicating with patients. Our medical IoT solutions boast:

Ultimate security Glitch-free performance An Internet of Medical Things company with a focus on PHI protection, we design private network environments accessible only by authorized IoT devices and keep sensitive patient information off the general internet. We also put all the necessary safeguards in place to ensure our medical IoT solutions comply with FDA, HIPAA, HL7, DICOM, HITRUST, and ISO 13485 requirements We pay special attention to thoroughly testing the performance of healthcare IoT solutions to ensure that service disruptions, if any, do not affect data transmission. We also set up a data backup process for sensor readings to be delivered for processing no matter what
Full-on interoperability Built-in scalability We guarantee uninterrupted interoperability across healthcare IoT devices and software components and ensure the developed IoT healthcare solution communicates seamlessly with other hospital systems like EHR and EMR within a connected ecosystem. Our medical Internet of Things solutions are scalable by design. So you can connect new medical devices and extend the power of IoT to other healthcare facilities and patients’ homes quickly and with optimal effort

IoT healthcare services, delivered flexibly

An IoT healthcare company with a decade of experience across technology branches, we are here to give you a helping hand, no matter where you are on your IoT implementation journey. We offer flexible engagement models, tailoring them to your unique needs.

Healthcare IoT consulting IoMT implementation Medical IoT device management & support We interview key stakeholders, collect and analyze functional and non-functional requirements to a healthcare IoT solution, or help formulate those if your vision is still undefined. Next, we select primary use cases and outline the next steps for the solution implementation. We set up a professional medical IoT development team and implement your IoT solution in agile iterations. We start with a minimum viable product and gradually develop it to embrace more sophisticated functionality and cover more use cases, thus building up an interoperating IoT ecosystem. We monitor how smooth your IoT system runs, deliver all the necessary patches and updates, add new functionality, and make sure to continuously improve the IoT system’s manageability, performance, and security.

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