End-to-end IoT consulting and software development services

ITRex Group provides IoT application development services to innovative startups looking to create a complete software ecosystem for novel connected gadgets and equipment. We also collaborate with enterprises, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations eyeing IoT opportunities. Our Internet of Things development know-how includes:
Embedded IoT solutions IoT cloud platforms and dashboards IoT mobile app development We craft embedded software solutions — firmware, middleware, SDKs, device drivers, embedded human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and customized operating systems based on Linux Kernel and Android Open Source Project (AOSP) — to give voice to your custom IoT solutions and merge them into your IT infrastructure. We develop custom IoT cloud solutions on top of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, choosing the optimum tech stack and architecture pattern based on project requirements. Our IoT development company will help you aggregate sensor data in the cloud, feed it to custom AI models, and visualize insights via cloud dashboards. We develop mobile applications supporting the smooth operation and management of IoT solutions. Our IoT software development team uses reliable, energy-efficient protocols to pair mobile apps with intelligent devices, enhances IoT apps with biometric identification mechanisms, and fine-tunes their performance on the back-end level.

The Internet of Things solutions in focus

As a mature IoT development and consulting company, ITRex has accumulated solid experience in creating robust connected solutions for the enterprise and consumer segments. We are well-versed in:

Smart Home technology Medical IoT Partner with the ITRex IoT developers and consultants to create a complete software ecosystem for your Smart Home solutions — HVAC units, smart lighting, security systems, and connected home appliances. We'll help you collect data from sensors, integrate IoT devices with Alexa, and enable self-learning Smart Home capabilities driven by artificial intelligence. We collaborate with hospitals, biotech companies, and digital health startups looking for IoT developers. Tap into our IoT development services to create smart hospital systems, remote patient monitoring solutions, and advanced healthcare analytics systems that transform patient data into actionable insights, improving care delivery and patient outcomes.
Apps for wearables Industrial IoT solutions Our IoT development team creates wearable apps that delight users. We'll help you interface wearable devices with the accompanying hardware and software components and set up a back-end infrastructure for connected device management. Our wearable technology expertise spans activity trackers, vital sign monitors, femtech products, and IoT solutions for pets. Our IoT software development experts will help you create embedded apps for industrial equipment, ensure real-time inventory visibility with beacons and RFID tags, and build factory-wide data ecosystems with analytics and reporting capabilities. The key characteristics of our IIoT solutions include impeccable performance, 24/7 availability, and unmatched user experience.

Industry-specific IoT development services and solutions

The ITRex IoT development experts and consultants work with businesses across various industries, including biotechnology, finance, agriculture, and consumer electronics. However, our core expertise encompasses custom IoT solutions for retail and logistics companies, healthcare providers, and educational institutions. Turn to ITRex group to create:

Retail IoT
IoT applications for inventory management, proximity marketing solutions, mobile apps and back-end infrastructure for warehouse robots and unmanned delivery vehicles, and IoT-powered retail data analytics systems.
Healthcare IoT
Connected IoT solutions for vital signs monitoring, apps underlying the logic of point-of-care equipment, patient and staff identification systems, and complete hospital automation products supporting effective patient care and inventory management.
IoT for education
Smart campus solutions ensuring students' comfort and safety, connected classroom technology, IoT-based solutions for sports and recreation, and assistive technology for sensory-impaired students.
IoT-driven supply chain
Telematics solutions for road freight and delivery vehicles, tag-driven Internet of Things systems ensuring real-time supply chain visibility, and embedded applications for warehouse robots.

IoT development and implementation roadmap

As an IoT consulting and development company with 13+ years of experience, we've devised a custom, highly effective approach to IoT development. Here's what we'll do to transform your idea into a winning product:

We collect stakeholder feedback, analyze the functional and non-functional requirements of an IoT solution, select primary use cases, and create a proof of concept (POC)
We set up an expert IoT development team and create a minimum viable product (MVP) version of an IoT solution supporting primary use cases
We deploy your IoT solution, test it on real-world data and tasks, and collect user feedback to further improve the system
We iteratively add new features and use cases, merge the IoT solution into your current IT infrastructure, and validate that your system does not contain security vulnerabilities
We gradually transform your custom IoT product into an advanced ecosystem, making sure no data goes unused for analytics and all user requirements are met
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