DealMe is a free, easy-to-use app that lets users find deals and sales within a chosen radius around them
Product Development (iOS)
iOS, Objective-C, ASP.NET


Retailers and service providers have long used discounts and deals to drive sales and are rapidly adopting mobile technology to advertise such offers. The client came to us with an idea for a location-based discount-finding mobile app that would alert shoppers to attractive deals in their vicinity.

We took on the following challenges:
Build an MVP with an already-designed user interface within a short period and on a limited budget
Quickly elaborate the app’s logic using the screen designs provided by the client
Select the right technology stack to ensure the app’s functionality and scalability
Give the client a variety of tech solution options to choose from
Perform field QA testing through location changes to make sure the app works properly
Prepare the app’s release by submitting all information required by the App Store


Integrated geolocation to detect the user’s precise location using GPS satellites
App personalization through tools enabling users to filter out deals by product or merchant and set the search radius
Facebook and Google login integration
Push Notifications alerting users to discounts and deals nearby in real time
An API to automatically upload deals to the app
A landing page created with a website builder to promote the app
Updates that followed the release of the MVP
discount-finding mobile app
Location-based shopping app
Location-based discount-finding app


Developed and tested within just six months, DealMe was launched on the App Store in August 2017 and later received 5 updates with new features and bug fixes
In December 2017, DealMe announced its integration with Groupon, a fast-growing worldwide ecommerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants

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