generative ai development services generative ai development services

Generative AI development services

From consulting to foundation model re-training and infrastructure setup, ITRex delivers a whole gamut of generative AI development services to help your company innovate with purpose.
generative ai development services

Generative AI development services, delivered

As a generative AI development company, ITRex has made a decade-long R&D journey that began with mastering neural networks and continues with the exploration of large language models and text-to-image Gen AI tools. Here’s what we do to fuel our clients’ business growth:
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We immerse ourselves in the dynamics of your enterprise, aligning with its vision and intricacies. Once we're synced, we validate assumptions through a proof of concept and create a roadmap. Our eyes are always on potential ROI, ensuring that our AI strategies translate into tangible benefits for you.
Gen AI model development
Our ML engineers have an excellent grasp of diffusion models, generative adversarial networks (GANs), and transformers. With this expertise, ITRex's generative AI developers can assist you in fine-tuning open-source and commercial models for broad or narrowly defined tasks. Should you decide to go fully custom, we’re up for the challenge, too!
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Generative AI Integration
Besides generative AI development, ITRex lends a helping hand in integrating proprietary and off-the-shelf solutions into your company’s IT systems and workflows—either as is or with additional customizations. When doing so, we’ll make sure to onboard your staff on Gen AI and validate that your mission-critical processes remain undisrupted.
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Generative AI solution development
ITRex is a full-stack generative AI development company with hands-on experience building technology solutions—from scalable back-end infrastructures to sleek user interfaces—for healthcare, pharma, retail, and other industries. Whether you need a Gen AI-based expert system, a prescriptive analytics solution, or a customer support chatbot, we’re here to help.
Generative AI model optimization
To ensure that Gen AI systems not only meet but also exceed your expectations, our generative AI development company provides continuous model optimization services. ITRex will help you boost the models’ efficiency and throughput, minimize resource usage, detect areas for improvement through rigorous testing, implement ethical guidelines, and more!
Generative AI Maintenance
ITRex’s generative AI development services include post-launch maintenance—a set of activities aimed at cementing your competitive edge in the long run. Whether you seek to retrain Gen AI models on fresh data, tweak hyperparameters for peak performance, revamp the model’s architecture, or keep it compliant, we’re always on the lookout.

Industry-specific generative AI solutions we create

ITRex is a generative AI development company with robust expertise in multiple sectors, from healthcare to retail and ecommerce. We use our domain expertise to craft generative AI solutions that solve real-world problems for our clients.

  • Gen AI-based chatbots for symptom checking
  • Gen AI diagnostic support systems for real-time patient data interpretation
  • Generative AI models for creating personalized treatment plans
  • Gen AI solutions for medical image enhancement
  • Patient engagement and education solutions
  • Generative AI solutions for drug molecule design
  • Clinical data synthesis tools
  • Gen AI models for pharmaceutical market forecasting
  • Systems for regulatory document generation
  • Gen AI solutions for personalized treatment pathways
  • Gen AI tools for synthetic genome design
  • Protein design and simulation tools for drug discovery
  • Models for metabolic pathway design
  • Generative AI solutions for drug combination synthesis
  • Gen AI-enhanced biobanks for data-driven genetic research
  • Gen AI for designing novel biological parts and system
  • Models for performing ecological simulations
  • Gen AI solutions for genetic and genomic data analysis
  • Clinical trial scenario modeling tools
  • Platforms for scientific data analysis
  • Instruments for trend and consumer behavior prediction
  • Gen AI solutions for marketing content creation
  • Tools for customer interaction simulations
  • Gen AI-infused inventory management systems
  • Intelligent store layout and display design solutions
  • Generative AI engines for content creation
  • Music composition tools
  • Dynamic content personalization engines
  • Gen AI solutions for CGI environment design
  • Virtual reality content generators

Unlock tangible results with ITRex’s generative AI development services

Our goal-oriented generative AI software development teams bridge the efficiency gaps in your processes, operations, and technology systems. Partner with ITRex to:

Revamp conventional AI systems Accelerate process automation In scenarios where training data is scarce or difficult to obtain, off-the-shelf or custom generative AI solutions can produce synthetic data for AI model training and adjustment. Our generative AI developers can help you engineer such systems, moving your stalled POCs to production and scaling them company wide. By combining generative AI application development with robotic and intelligent process automation, we’ll configure your RPA and IPA systems to design and adapt workflows, make decisions autonomously, generate and edit documents, and fill gaps in data. Tap into our generative AI development services to reimagine your operations!
Attain significant cost reductions Gain a competitive advantage ITRex, a generative AI development company with a track record of successful digital transformation projects, uses Gen AI to streamline repetitive tasks, reduce human error, ensure compliance, and increase employee productivity. All of this, combined with improvements to your company's IT infrastructure, will result in significant cost savings. Gen AI is already helping your competitors improve existing products and services while successfully launching new ones, personalize customer experiences, use predictive and prescriptive analytics, better manage risks, and diversify portfolios. With our generative AI development company, you will gain a significant competitive advantage for years to come.

Our generative AI development toolbox

ITRex puts the best generative AI software development technologies right at your fingertips.
Deep learning frameworks
  • PyTorch, PyTorch Lightning
  • TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite
  • MXNet
  • ONNX
  • CoreML
  • JAX
  • PaddlePaddle
  • Keras
  • Scikit-learn
  • SciPy
  • Torchvision
  • TensorBoard
  • Plotly
  • OpenCV
  • tf-slim
  • Tensor2tensor
  • Hugging Face Transformers
  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learnin
  • Semi-supervised learning
  • Few-shot learning
  • Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF)
  • Incremental learning
  • Metric learning
Neural networks
  • GANs: DCGAN, CycleGAN, StyleGAN
  • VAEs: Beta-VAE, Conditional VAE, NVAE
  • Autoregressive models: PixelRNN, WaveNet
  • Vision transformer (ViT)
  • TensorRT
  • CoreML
Cloud services
  • Azure OpenAI
  • GCP Vertex, GCP NLP, GCP Vision, GCP autoML
  • AWS Textract, AWS Rekognition
Generative AI models
  • Generative adversarial networks (GANs)
  • Diffusion models: Stable Diffusion, DDPM, Improved Diffusion
  • Transformer models: GPT, LLaMa, FLAN-T5, LaMDA, Wu-Dao, BERT, Mistral
Image classification models
  • VGG
  • ResNet
  • Inception
  • EfficientNet
  • MobileNet

Gen AI development: our collaboration options

Our generative AI development company offers flexible engagement models that cater to our clients' specific needs and project requirements.
Handpick a skilled, self-managed team dedicated solely to your AI goals. The generative AI developers will integrate seamlessly with your current setup, delving deeply into your project and providing new perspectives. It’s an opportunity to start on generative AI development immediately and gradually build your in-house expertise.
Have an IT team but need a little more AI firepower? Supplement your in-house talent with ITRex’s generative AI developers! Whether addressing specific expertise gaps in deep learning, NLP, or another approach, or simply ramping up, our team integrates seamlessly to keep your project on track.
As part of our generative AI development services, ITRex helps startups and enterprises lacking technical leadership build, launch, and scale generative AI solutions. Our CTO can assist you with generative AI product discovery and development, IT audits, AI readiness assessments, ensuring technical due diligence, and more!

Our generative AI development company at a glance

years of hands-on experience
top-tier experts
clients around the globe
years' client engagement
software products delivered
hold BS, MS or PhD in math and computer science

Generative AI development projects from our portfolio


1. How does ITRex approach generative AI development?
At ITRex, we begin each Gen AI project with a discovery phase in which we collaborate closely with you to understand your specific requirements and goals. This leads to an in-depth requirements analysis to ensure that every detail is taken into account. From there, our generative AI development company will create a detailed roadmap outlining each stage of the development cycle. ITRex's approach is highly iterative, with each phase intended to generate incremental value while allowing for continuous evaluation and adaptation.
2. What makes ITRex the right choice for generative AI development projects?
Choosing ITRex means working with a seasoned generative AI development company that has an internal R&D department, a team of top talent, and extensive hands-on experience. Our experts have been at the forefront of Gen AI technology, breaking ground in a variety of industries. Our strong commitment to research and innovation ensures that we always have the most up-to-date tools and methods for tackling even the most complex challenges.
3. How does ITRex ensure a faster return on Gen AI investments and maximize value?
When providing generative AI development services, we tailor Gen AI strategies to your specific business objectives to ensure a faster return on investment. We use advanced methodologies and tools to minimize costs and improve performance from the start. For more information on how we achieve cost-efficiency with Gen AI projects, visit our article on Calculating the cost of generative AI.
4. What are the potential risks of generative AI development and implementation?
Generative AI projects, like any other advanced technological endeavor, present unique challenges and risks, including data quality issues, integration complexities, scalability concerns, and significant implementation costs. These risks can have an impact on the timeline and effectiveness of AI implementations, potentially resulting in higher costs and a lower ROI.
5. What does ITRex do to minimize generative AI development and implementation risks?
To reduce risks, our generative AI software development experts use a strong risk management framework that includes proactive planning, rigorous testing, model optimization, and ongoing monitoring throughout the development cycle. We ensure high data quality and relevance, seamless integration with existing systems, and scalability to meet changing business needs. Our generative AI developers are skilled at navigating these complexities, ensuring a smooth transition through the complex landscape of generative AI development.