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Generative AI sales training platform for onboarding newly hired sales reps

An e-learning startup
Software Development, AI
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Typescript, React, redux, redux-toolkit, Ant Design, Java, Python, MS SQL


The client is a US-based startup focused on the development of an AI-based sales training platform for onboarding newly hired sales representatives. Training new sales hires requires the guidance of a senior sales manager, which is a time and resource-consuming process. The client contacted ITRex to develop a learning platform to dramatically cut down on the time and cost needed to train and onboard a new sales representative. Our task was to develop a sales training platform with AI at its core that would allow users to upload sales training documentation and automatically generate training lessons based on the uploaded information.

The platform would have the following AI features:
Create a knowledge base and generate lessons
Analyze a student’s CV and build a personalized learning plan
Generate quizzes to test knowledge
Generate real-time interactions between a student and a system to check answers and help students answer questions


ITRex created an innovative sales training solution that leverages generative AI to address challenges in onboarding and training newly hired sales representatives. The solution includes the following functionality:
The platform allows for uploading documents in any file format (PDF, PPTX, tables, VTT, audio files, etc.) and converts them to Word format using Python libraries
It automatically creates a knowledge base for building courses using SOTA embedding models (RAG approach) and positional encoding and generates lessons, leveraging LLMs (Mistral, ChatGPT)
The system creates personal training plans by parsing resumes of new employees to identify their level of competency and determine the complexity level of a lesson they can begin with
The platform utilizes LLMs (ChatGPT and Mistral) to generate four types of quizzes (open-ended questions, multiple answer questions, puzzles and writing tasks) and create conversations with students in real time to help answer questions
gen ai sales training platform
sales training platform


Designed with Gen AI at its core, the innovative sales training solution ensures a seamless and tailored onboarding experience for newly hired sales representatives, thereby improving overall employee performance and organizational success
It takes just 4-5 hours for the sales training platform to process documents and create courses for new sales reps, which would normally take 1-2 months if done manually
The system frees up valuable time of senior sales managers and reduces the training time for students from 6 months to just 2 weeks
The platform automatically assesses the competency of a new hire, which normally takes a day for a sales manager to do

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