Setting you up for success with custom pharmaceutical software solutions

From optimizing data capture for clinical trials to facilitating drug discovery to ensuring the safety of the drug manufacturing process — we craft pharma software solutions that do it all, while keeping focus on compliance, data security, and the ease of integration, customization, and maintenance. We’ll help you build:
Drug safety/pharmacovigilance solutions
  • RIM (regulatory information management) software
  • AERS (adverse event reporting systems)
  • Signal detection and management systems
  • Drug safety data management systems
  • Risk management systems
  • Safety surveillance systems
  • Case management systems
Clinical trial management software
  • ePRO (electronic patient-reported outcomes) software
  • eDC (electronic data capture) software
  • eCTMS (electronic clinical trial management software)
  • eCRF (electronic case report form) integration
  • eCOA (electronic clinical outcome assessment) software
  • Patient recruitment software
  • CDM (clinical data management) software
Drug manufacturing, commercialization, and distribution software
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) software
  • MES (manufacturing execution systems
  • MOM (manufacturing operations management) software
  • MRP (material requirement planning) software
  • QMS (quality management systems)
  • eBR (electronic batch record) software
  • LIMS (laboratory information management systems)
Inventory, warehouse, and supply chain management solutions
  • SCM (supply chain management) software
  • Inventory management software
  • Warehouse management software
  • Transportation management software
  • EDI (electronic data interchange) software
  • eProcurement software

Choose from a range of pharmaceutical software development services

From consulting through development to maintenance, we are ready to support you throughout the entire development process and offer flexible pharmaceutical software development services. Our best talent will provide technology leadership and flawless execution to craft top-notch pharmaceutical software solutions and let you stay ahead of the curve.

Technology consulting Process and workflow automation ITRex’s healthcare consultants and custom pharma software developers will provide strategic guidance to facilitate your digital transformation and help you solve the toughest of challenges with tech-driven process optimization. We will focus on crafting a comprehensive digitization strategy, paying special attention to cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and efficient data management. ITRex’s experts will help you streamline complex and time-consuming workflows for higher operational efficiency, reduced likelihood of manual errors, and improved compliance. We will analyze your workflows, select candidates for intelligent automation, and implement a custom pharmaceutical software solution that best suits your needs.
System replatforming and migration Third-party pharmacy software customization and feature set enhancement We will help you migrate from legacy systems to a custom pharmaceutical software solution that meets your current business needs. We will assess the architecture of your legacy software, design a new system, migrate data and assets, and run post-migration testing, monitoring, and performance tuning. We will help you tailor off-the-shelf software to the specific challenges of the pharma sector. Depending on your needs, we can add new features, modify existing functionality, and integrate the third-party solution with other enterprise systems, making sure it aligns with your organization’s unique business processes, workflows, and regulatory requirements.
Enterprise application integration Custom pharma software development We will bring siloed enterprise systems together to improve data sharing and operational efficiency. Our experts will run a thorough assessment of your software systems and data flows to design and implement an optimal integration solution. We will craft a custom pharmaсeutical software solution from scratch, taking responsibility for all aspects of the software development process. From requirements gathering through conceptualization and design to deployment and maintenance —we will do it all, while staying responsive to your needs and introducing the necessary changes.

Unleash the power of modern tech

Crafting custom pharma software solutions, we bring in innovative technology for your superior outcomes driven by improved decision-making, fail-proof automation, and real-time visibility into processes and workflows.

We harness the power of neural networks and machine learning algorithms to help you facilitate decision-making and tap into actionable insights that were unattainable with legacy analytics tools. The AI solutions we develop streamline clinical trials, optimize R&D, improve drug discovery and manufacturing, enhance pharma supply chains, and more.
We bring in robotic and intelligent process automation to pinpoint workflow inefficiencies, facilitate mundane tasks, and boost productivity. RPA and IPA tools will take over repetitive tasks, like filling out forms and generating reports, help reduce operational costs, facilitate quality control, and ensure unfailing compliance.
We rely on our expertise in crafting IoT healthcare solutions to capture and analyze sensor data in order to monitor drug storage and delivery conditions, collect real-time data from patients in clinical trials, monitor the performance of pharmaceutical equipment, record production processes for regulatory compliance, track shipments, and more.

Secure support from a trusted pharma software company

With a decade of experience delivering software solutions for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, and life science industries, we know your struggles very well. We set up transparent workflows and follow industry best practices to make sure our cooperation is prolific and value-driven.
Full compliance with global authorities: Experts in healthcare and pharmaceutical compliance, we deliver pharmaceutical software solutions that are aligned with international regulatory agencies and their regional affiliates.
Strong focus on data security: We ensure the safety of your assets by adhering to data encryption, access control, data backup, disaster recovery, and other security best practices.
Built-in scalability and ease of customization: We ensure your pharmaceutical software solution boasts built-in, on-demand scalability and ease of customization by resorting to modular, flexible architectures with loosely coupled components.
Development and production cost optimization: We resort to agile development, automated testing, continuous integration, and other process optimization practices to save your costs. Being vendor-agnostic, we only suggest cost-effective, easy-to-maintain techs.

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