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Medical inventory management continues to be a challenge for orthodontic practices. Excel spreadsheets are still common despite technology advances. Offices that use some sort of software often have to rely on more than one platform to keep track of what they order and receive, how much they pay, what stock is available, or how they should plan their budgets. Sometimes, there is a single employee responsible for handling the job and when he or she leaves, business is in trouble. Our client came up with an idea of building an all-in-one medical inventory management system that would be at the same time easy to use by any member of the staff, and affordable too unlike pricey solutions offered by the competition. The client also wanted to provide broad customization options, along with a pricing forum where users could share actual prices they paid historically to vendors. This way the system would be a source of insights into local vendors’ pricing strategies that are not always transparent in the world of orthodontics. In sum, their vision was to create a custom medical inventory management system going far beyond just ordering and receiving. They made an attempt to build it, but it did not go well. The software was buggy, frustrating users and making them lose trust in the solution. So, the client urgently needed a seasoned team of developers to fix things before the window of opportunity closes. They rushed to ITRex, a trusted tech partner with a reputation for building stellar healthcare solutions.

Our task was to:
Rebuild the client’s inventory management system from scratch using feedback from actual users
Design a clean, well-thought-out architecture to manage implementation complexities and version releases with ease
Provide scalability to allow system expansion at any time to handle growing user data
Ensure a great user experience
Conduct comprehensive manual testing to check each feature


An extremely easy-to-use all-in-one inventory management system with a small learning curve that allows orthodontic offices to keep track of every piece of inventory that comes and goes, and much more. Users are able to manage inventory on the fly with minimal effort. Broad customization options allow them to adjust the system to individual inventory control methods, while an in-app pricing forum provides insights into where the office should focus their negotiation efforts with vendors in order not to overpay.
Its key functionality includes:
Onboarding to provide and edit company information
Management of the company’s locations
Ability to invite users and add custom user roles and permissions
Vendors page with profiles of verified suppliers which can be customized by adding custom vendors
Global marketplace with advanced search options where users can add products to the shopping cart and create custom products that can be readded to the shopping cart with one click for future orders. The marketplace also acts as the community’s shared platform to check product reviews and average product prices paid by other users in the past. Average prices are calculated based on the community’s in-app orders, generating valuable insights into the vendor’s pricing practices
Order management page with an orders dashboard, allowing users to create, edit, track, and “receive” orders. It also has a section for reconciling invoices
Custom reports (the user’s order history, inventory usage, and procurement cost savings)
Inventory management functionality to add or subtract a product from inventory, manage storage locations, count stock, and create/receive transfers between offices
Functionality to set up budgets, and budget recommendations drawn by matching the company profile to industry averages
User-created alerts
custom medical inventory management system
medical inventory management software


The new inventory management system built by ITRex has enabled the client to swiftly launch its Light version while working on Pro modules one by one without unwelcome surprises
Unique features and robust performance have helped rebuild trust with old customers and win new users

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