We are doing everything we can to help

We have already contributed more than half of our 2021 profit in immediate financial support for our team and their families in crisis.
Our management and staff have been providing round-the-clock assistance to our Ukrainian colleagues since the first day of the war, helping them with transport to safer places, accommodation, and legal matters on the ground.
We’ve set up a crisis relief fund in Ukraine to provide cash assistance to grassroots volunteer groups who are helping Ukrainians affected by the crisis receive basic support they need.
ITRex has announced a fund-raising initiative for help to Ukrainian humanitarian organizations, pledging to financially match individual donations committed by employees
We are taking the extra effort today to attract new clients so that the financial future of our employees is secured.
Our C-suite has made it a priority to raise awareness of the ongoing war among our clients and friends in the US, appealing to them to donate to Ukrainian funds. Many, many have joined the initiative.
We are determined to contribute more

ITRex as a company as well as our C-suite and employees as private individuals have already made significant contributions to various funds and initiatives for critical assistance to Ukraine. We are calling on our clients, partners, and employees to donate today to stand with the Ukrainians. Here are well-established and vetted charities accepting donations now: