Tailored mobile healthcare solutions for all

Relying on our expertise in healthcare software development, we gear patients, physicians, and hospitals with healthcare mobile applications that combine rich functionality, high performance, unrivaled security, and ease of use.
For patients For physicians For hospitals Let your patients keep an eye on their health parameters, access personal health records, consult doctors, and schedule medical appointments — all within a single, user-friendly mobile healthcare solution Automate routine tasks, simplify healthcare records management, and transition to personalized care by leveraging mobile healthcare solutions specifically designed to facilitate practice management Ensure a more efficient healthcare environment, improve clinical communication, collaboration, and healthcare data management by adopting mobile healthcare solutions built to optimize hospital workflows

Healthcare app company with broad expertise across domains

Whether you want to improve clinical workflows or extend the reach of care beyond borders, we’re the healthcare app development company you can trust. Our experience lies in crafting bespoke mHealth apps for iOS, Android, or cross-platform environments. Let’s harness technology together and equip you with an app that redefines healthcare delivery and ensures accessibility and excellence for all.
What we build:
telehealth solutions
From simple telehealth apps to complex platforms featuring appointment booking, videoconferencing, e-prescriptions, symptom and activity trackers, health dashboards, custom notifications, and even real-time patient monitoring
apps for healthcare
Mobile healthcare solutions that offer the most convenient and secure way of storing, accessing, and exchanging medical information
Medical diagnosis software
Medical diagnosis software
Medical diagnosis software
AI-powered healthcare solutions providing diagnostics assistance based on image recognition, symptom evaluation, and medical history analysis
healthcare app company
Practice management software
Practice management software
Mobile-first solutions for fast and convenient task and revenue cycle management, enhanced workflows, optimized document exchange, and reporting
healthcare mobile development
Patient portals
Patient portals
Patient-centric solutions that make it easy to view an individual's medical history, request appointments, renew prescriptions, access test results, and complete payments
app for doctors and patients
Ambulatory software
Ambulatory software
mHealth applications that make it simpler for patients to stay healthy with features like medication tracking, activity logs, interactive guidance, mental health tips, real-time feedback, and chats for faster rehabilitation and better chronic disease management
medical staff training
Healthcare LMS
Healthcare LMS
Mobile apps that let healthcare students and professionals access knowledge on the go, prepare for surgeries and video-assisted procedures, as well as develop practical skills via AR-driven simulations
Activity tracking application
Wellness apps
Wellness apps
Activity tracking, women’s health, sleep & meditation, and mental health mobile solutions that let users monitor their fitness progress, adopt healthy habits, alleviate anxiety, cope with depression, and more

Healthcare mobile app development in line with regulations

Safe storage and transfer of patient health information is the backbone of medical apps. Our healthcare mobile app development company brings together a decade of experience creating mobile solutions and vast expertise in healthcare to craft mHealth solutions that never fail compliance reviews.

We put in place user authentication, login controls, data encryption, and other necessary means of protecting personal data as early as at the design stage and thoroughly document the development process to guarantee that your medical app meets the technical safeguards of the HIPAA security rule
For software and software as a medical device that may fall under FDA regulation, we prepare detailed documentation for premarket approval submission and secure your healthcare mobile app's compliance with all the relevant requirements
We make GDPR-compliant mHealth apps, implementing the right to be forgotten, explicit consent, data encryption, two-factor authentication, and other legal requirements to help you avoid hefty fines

Improve healthcare data interoperability through unfailing integrations

Flawless integration of your app with internal hospital systems and third-party solutions is what makes a phenomenal healthcare experience. Our healthcare mobile app development services have already helped many organizations to build seamlessly interoperating and secure ecosystems, and we can help you, too

Practice management systems LIS, RIS and PACS EHR Manage hospital operations on the go and enjoy synchronized practice workflows Let caregivers and patients access lab test results and radiology reports anywhere, anytime Guarantee true interoperability and make sure no vital data gets lost with a fast and secure healthcare information exchange
Insurance claim management Payment gateways Wearables Make it easier for the hospital workforce to manage patient flow and speed up claims processing and patient discharge Let your patients pay for doctor appointments and medical procedures with a couple of clicks via fast and secure payment processing Monitor your patients from remote and prevent accidents with fast and reliable transmission of physical health parameters

Emerging tech for healthcare application development

By enriching your apps with modern technology, our healthcare app development company empowers you to access the future of healthcare today. Our innovations pave your way to new insights, richer patient experience, and more effective medical training and practice while focusing on quality and compliance.






Insightful discoveries for intelligent workflow automation, support of clinical decision-making, personalized medical treatment, and more.

End-to-end healthcare app development process

We analyze your idea, define application features and compliance needs, and make up a healthcare app development plan to turn your vision into a quality product fast and at optimal costs
We marry your product purpose with user needs and translate them into wireframes and graphical interfaces, which we then thoroughly test.
When designing your app architecture, our healthcare app developers focus on built-in security and select a tech stack that suits your needs best
By continuously testing your health app throughout development, we give you confidence in its compliance, security, and quality.
With our continuous post-release support, you will be able to introduce rapid changes to meet the evolving needs of the industry and users.

What makes ITRex stand out

years of hands-on experience
top-tier development experts
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clients around the globe
million of user enjoy our apps

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Do you have experience working with healthcare providers?
Yes, we are a healthcare app development company that has extensive experience collaborating with healthcare providers, clinics, and medical organizations of all sizes. Our portfolio includes successful projects across various healthcare domains.
What technologies and platforms do you use for healthcare mobile app development?
We specialize in iOS, Android, and cross-platform app development, using industry-standard technologies like Swift, Kotlin, and React Native
How long does it take to develop a healthcare mobile app, and what factors can affect the timeline?
Generally, it takes two to four months for a simple app and up to nine months and more for a more complex mobile application to hit the market. Factors influencing the timeline include app scope, third-party integrations, regulatory compliance, and testing requirements.
What are the costs associated with healthcare mobile app development, including initial development and ongoing maintenance?
Healthcare mobile app development costs vary depending on project complexity. Our healthcare app development company provides transparent pricing structures and can discuss options for ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your app stays up-to-date and secure.