Tap into our smart contract development services

Whether you seek to boost enterprise workflows or bring an innovative smart contracts solution to the market, we have the skills and experience to deliver a product that scales seamlessly across your processes and business units. We prioritize flexibility so that you get the service that goes hand in hand with your specific needs.
Smart contract strategy & architecture design Smart contract solution development Smart contracts audit & optimization We help you kick off your smart contract development journey. We’ll draft a smart contract rollout strategy, define the business logic behind your future smart contract solution, and design a scalable, secure, and efficient architecture to back it all up. We will power your business with a smart contract solution with features adapted to your industry. We will assist you throughout the rollout process — from setup to development to management, deploying the final solution on any compatible blockchain. Our smart contract developers will investigate the logic behind your current smart contract solution and optimize it for smoother and more cost-efficient operations. We will examine the code at the base of the smart contract, check it for vulnerabilities, and plan the necessary improvements.
Decentralized app (DApp) implementation: Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) implementation Digital wallet implementation We will help you develop a decentralized application that runs on smart contracts. The DApps we create guarantee unmatched performance and responsiveness and enable a quick, smooth, and efficient interaction between the parties involved. Our smart contract development company will help you embrace direct peer-to-peer transactions. We develop decentralized smart exchange contracts for key blockchain platforms, covering the privacy of data, business logic, and data maintenance. We help you embrace credible and fast transactions with no intermediaries by crafting multi-signature digital wallet solutions that store and manage digital assets safely and securely.

Our smart contract development process

We make sure you get every business benefit from our partnership by staying responsive to your needs yet relying on field-tested workflows. Our collaboration strings along the following timeline:

We collect stakeholder requirements, map out business logic, and design a product roadmap. Deliverables: an NDA, a smart contract solution requirements specification/use cases, a proposal for technical design.
We draft a data flow blueprint, design the solution’s architecture, record security and compliance requirements, and outline the development process. Deliverables: a data flow blueprint, a solution architecture, security, and compliance requirements.
We engineer your solution using field-tested smart contract development best practices and continuously test it throughout development. Deliverables: source code, smart contracts, test deployment on a blockchain of choice.
We provision the finished solution and deploy it to production, making it run efficiently and securely with continuous upgrades. Deliverables: solution rollout, smart contract upgrades, deployment of new smart contracts.

Smart contract development technologies we rely on

Innovators at heart and a leader among blockchain consulting firms, we at ITRex keep an eye on recent developments on the blockchain technology market to deliver the best-performing smart contract solutions to our clients. Tell us about your idea — and we will offer just the right tech mix to bring it to reality.

Hyperledger, Ethereum, Stellar, Corda, EOS, Tron, Hashgraph, Tezos, IBM blockchain
Programming languages & frameworks
Solidity, C++, C#, Angular, Python, React, Next.js, NestJS, Express.js, Rust, Kotlin

Smart contract development for varied industries

A smart contract development company with cross-industry expertise, ITRex brings the unique opportunities of smart contracts to businesses across sectors. Marrying technology expertise in blockchain development, RPA as a service, and cloud software development together with a desire for innovation and a deep understanding of how companies in many sectors run, we are ready to take up any challenge!
Healthcare Supply Chain Finance As part of our smart contract development services, we can deploy smart contract solutions that help safeguard the efficacy of medications, optimize healthcare supply chains, automate hospital workflows, and beyond. We craft powerful and efficient smart contracts that streamline supplier vetting, help automate supplier relations, facilitate inventory management, and take the paperwork off supply chain workers’ shoulders. Leverage our smart contract development services to automate lending, borrowing, stock trading, including cryptocurrency trading, and make entry into financial services more accessible to people all over the world.
Legal Insurance Government We’ll help you change the way legal agreements are handled with self-executing and autonomous smart contracts to lower costs incurred from turning to intermediaries. Refine the way insurance agreements are handled, remove excessive paperwork, reestablish trust between parties with predetermined insurance payout scenarios that leave no space for manipulation on either side. As part of our smart contract development services, we help governmental agencies move away from siloed centralized systems to smart contracts that are inherently secure, agile, and cost-effective.