Data warehouse consulting services to harness the power of your data

Since 2009, we have been helping big and small organizations alike navigate their unique DWH journeys. Whatever your data warehousing consulting needs are, be it for data management, advanced analytics, or reporting, we make sure you get the maximum value from modern data warehousing architecture.
Data warehouse design
Our data warehouse consultants will dive deep to get a full grasp of your data and craft a bespoke data warehousing strategy. Requirements engineering, tool selection, data modeling, a data governance program, ETL processes, cost reduction, and scalability planning, our data warehouse consulting services cover it all, and beyond.
Data warehouse implementation
Leveraging best practices, we build custom DWH platforms for enterprises end to end to fulfill their data needs. We help with data inventory, integration, automation of data pipelines, data quality management, testing, deployment, and optimization. Even the toughest DWH projects are made possible with our data warehousing consultants on board.
Data warehouse modernization
Whether it's through adopting cutting-edge data storage solutions, implementing new data management practices, or enhancing your data processing capabilities, we guide you through every step. Our consultants will evaluate your current setup and recommend upgrades to ensure your DWH meets today’s challenges head-on and is ready for the future.
Data warehouse cloud migration
Transitioning to a cloud-based DWH unlocks unprecedented scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. We navigate you through the complexity of cloud migration, from planning and selecting the right platform (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) to execution. Our goal is to minimize downtime and leverage cloud advantages to the fullest for your DWH.
Data warehouse support
Our data warehouse consulting services ensure that your data warehouse consistently serves as a robust and reliable source of truth for your analytics and reporting needs. We help reduce data latency, solve performance issues, and minimize storage costs. Need a continuous optimization program? We will craft it for your data team.

We offer full-suite data warehouse consulting services to modern businesses

As part of our data warehouse consulting services, we provide targeted solutions designed to make your unique data work for your unique needs. We empower your data warehouse through:
Modern data architecture
We draft future-proof data architectures tailored to your data flows, business goals, and analytics needs using industry best practices
Data mapping and integration
We provide data integration services to deliver precise connectivity across your systems, no matter the complexity of your data assets
Data cleansing
Leveraging our data engineering expertise further, we tidy up, correct, and standardize your data employing advanced techniques
Data management
We implement robust data management strategies to store, retrieve, and manage your data efficiently
Data governance
We help you ensure data compliance, privacy, security, and effective usage through comprehensive data governance frameworks
Analytics and BI integration
We seamlessly integrate with analytics and BI tools to democratize access to your data for users

Bringing added value with data lake and data lakehouse solutions

Thinking about leveraging big data technology? Our experienced consultants are ideally positioned to be your strategic partner in driving innovation. We build enterprise data lakes and data lakeshouses on Databricks, helping with AI development for deeper analytics.
Data lake consulting Data lakehouse consulting Consolidate your ever-growing volumes of data into a data lake that can feed data sets into your data warehouse or enable stream analytics and ML projects. Use your data lake as a data warehouse by bringing computing to your raw data storage. We enable your data team to run exploratory analyses and adopt AI faster.

What you get with ITRex data warehouse consulting services

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Single source of truth
Aggregate data from multiple sources into a centralized repository so that everyone can make business decisions on the same data
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Best data quality
Rely on complete, consistent, integral, accurate, and timely data enabled by best practices in data management
Powerful reporting
Get 360-degree visibility into trends, aggregations, and other relationships in your data to measure business performance and track KPIs
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Valuable insights
Extract useful knowledge and hidden patterns from your data to solve complex real-world problems

What makes ITRex data warehouse consultants different

Multidisciplinary team. ITRex data warehousing consultants bring deep expertise in project management, DWH modeling, data management, data governance, and BI consulting to the table
Data analytics acumen. Delivering data consulting and implementation services since 2009, we’ve built a variety of ground-breaking data solutions for big names, facilitating their leap into BI, advanced data analytics and data science.
Certification. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to deliver top-quality data warehouse consulting services
Extensive experience. Our 300+ strong team comprises elite consultants and developers with niche skills who have successfully delivered over 600 projects across domains and industry verticals
Agile delivery. Our agile data warehousing approach allows stakeholders to see measurable results early to confirm or adjust their vision
R&D Lab. Our R&D labs work as incubators to create, research, prototype, and validate data ideas. This way, we make sure you get an impactful data solution

ITRex At A Glance

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1. What are the key components of a data warehousing solution?
The key components of a data warehousing solution include:
  • - Data Sources: Various sources of operational data, including databases, CRM systems, ERP systems, social media platforms, IoT devices, and external data sets such as market research reports and industry benchmarks
  • - Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tools: Software that extracts data from source systems, transforms it into a consistent format, and loads it into the data warehouse
  • - Database (or Relational Layer on top of a Data Lake): A central repository where transformed data is stored, organized, and managed as relational data
  • - Data marts: Subsets of the data warehouse tailored to specific business lines or functions
  • - Analytics & reporting tools: Applications that access the data warehouse for reporting, analysis, and BI
  • - Data governance and quality management: Processes and policies to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and security.

Our data warehouse consulting services emphasize the importance of each component in creating a robust data warehouse strategy.
2. What is the difference between: data lake, a data warehouse, and a data lakehouse?
  • A data lake stores vast amounts of raw, unstructured data in its native format.

  • A data warehouse, on the other hand, holds structured data that has been processed and structured for specific purposes.

  • A data lakehouse combines the two, offering a way to manage both raw and processed data, supporting diverse analytics and ML in a single, scalable architecture, and allowing businesses to leverage broad data capabilities, from real-time analytics to deep learning, within one platform.

  • Learn more about the difference in our comprehensive article, Cutting Through The Confusion: Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake vs. Data Lakehouse.
3. What is the typical process for implementing a data warehouse?
  • Integrated Planning & Discovery: This phase of data warehouse consulting services establishes a solid groundwork for the project's success. This is achieved by ensuring the alignment of stakeholder expectations and goals with an in-depth examination of the organization’s current tech landscape. Key activities done by data warehouse consultants include identifying business needs, cataloging data sources and connectors, evaluating existing reports and machine learning models, projecting budgetary needs and team structure, assessing the quality of data, and analyzing metrics. This phase culminates in conceptualizing a data warehouse strategy and ETL framework to propose solutions with different tech stacks and develop a prototype.

  • Development & Testing: Based on the chosen tech stack and defined needs, this phase focuses on constructing a resilient data warehouse. Key tasks involve setting up the database structures and schemas, integrating various data sources, creating ETL processes, conducting data profiling, importing past data records, enforcing data integrity measures, fine-tuning automation processes, and conducting rigorous testing to ensure reliability and performance.  

  • Ongoing Support: This phase involves establishing a dedicated team to provide support services for the data warehouse, encompassing the resolution of issues in compliance with SLA conditions, minimizing expenses related to storage and processing, executing minor improvements, overseeing system operations, and troubleshooting.
4. How do you ensure the security and privacy of data within a warehouse?
To ensure data security and privacy within a warehouse, our data warehouse consulting services include implementing several measures:
  • - Strict access controls to limit data access to authorized personnel
  • - Data encryption, both at rest and in transit, to protect against unauthorized access
  • - Regular security audits to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities
  • - Adherence to data protection regulations and standards
  • - Employment of monitoring tools to detect and respond to security threats in real time, ensuring your data remains secure and private
5. How long does it take to implement a data warehouse solution?
The time to implement a data warehouse solution varies significantly based on the complexity of the data, the technology chosen, the scale of the project, and the specific requirements of the business. Typically, a basic implementation can take a few months, while more complex projects might take a year or more.
Leveraging deep expertise, our data warehouse consulting team ensures rapid project delivery. We streamline every phase, from planning to testing, to exceed expectations efficiently.
6. What are the ongoing maintenance and support services you provide post-implementation?
Our data warehouse consulting team provides extensive post-implementation maintenance and support, including system monitoring, troubleshooting, updates, user support and training, data quality checks, and adjustments based on feedback and analytics. This ensures your data warehouse remains efficient, secure, and responsive to your business needs
7. How is the cost of a data warehousing project determined?
In determining the costs, our data warehouse consulting approach considers several critical factors, including the project's scale, complexity, data integration scope, technology selections, customizations, and security protocols. Our expertise and the project timeline further refine these estimates. The discovery stage offers a more accurate assessment of potential costs. Our data warehouse consultants perform this phase to ensure that clients receive a clear understanding of their investment.