Powerful FinTech applications to transform financial services delivery, facet by facet

Proficient in financial software development, we craft web and mobile applications that change the way financial services are provisioned radically, securely, and for everyone. Our FinTech software solutions automate business processes, provide insightful analytics, make financial services more accessible, and guarantee top-tier security of financial data and operations:
Automation Analytics Customer experience Security
  • Revenue management software
  • Tax management software
  • Billing and invoicing software
  • Automated portfolio management software
  • Financial accounting and reporting software
  • Financial planning and analysis software
  • Pricing management software
  • Digital lending and credit software
  • Trading and investing software
  • Mobile banking apps
  • E-wallets
  • Budgeting apps
  • Chatbot integration
  • OCR-based solutions for credit card recognition
  • Decentralized financial applications
  • IoT-based surveillance and device tracking solutions
  • Fraud detection and application blacklisting software

Leverage the power of innovative techs to redefine finance

Innovators at heart, we strongly believe in the power of novel technology. We use our expertise in blockchain, smart contracts, RPA, and AI development to help you design a new future for finance. We don’t innovate for the sake of it, though. Rather, we treat novel technology as a strategic imperative that helps traditional and non-traditional financial institutions create value now and shape their journeys into the future.

Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Robotic Process Automation Internet of Things We architect decentralized financial applications relying on smart contracts that boast built-in security and immunity to fraud We power FinTech solutions with AI to help you make faster, smarter decisions and enable change at scale We bring RPA in to help you improve efficiency and productivity, empower employees, and pave new ways for innovation We leverage IoT to power financial institutions with security, point-of-sale, and contactless payments solutions

A full spectrum of financial software development services

We offer a full spectrum of financial software development services to help you realize full value from your investments. Whether you’re just embarking on a FinTech journey and need advice on how to navigate change, look for a specific skill to fill in knowledge gaps, or search for a turnkey FinTech software developer — we do it all while staying responsive to your needs. We are well-versed in:

End-to-end FinTech software development FinTech software testing API-driven software integration We will accompany you throughout the development process, delivering initial consulting, design, engineering, testing, integration, and deployment of your FinTech solution We will ensure that your FinTech solution runs without glitches, verifying its functionality, performance, security, usability, interoperability, and compliance We will help you smoothly integrate your FinTech solution into the corporate infrastructure, creating a cohesive, interoperable technology environment
Legacy software modernization FinTech consulting We will plan and roll out the necessary upgrades to help you lengthen the lifespan of your software , enhance its functionality, and optimize operational costs We will help you navigate disruption, identify the right opportunity areas, transition to digital-first financial service provisioning, and solve other technology-related tasks along the way

Industry-specific FinTech software development

Our financial software development services integrate tech-savviness and industry-specific expertise. We deep dive into the peculiarities of your sector to architect a financial software solution that is tailored to your needs.

Healthcare Banking Insurance We embed advanced analytics, intelligent automation , and the security of distributed environments into healthcare payment and insurance workflows to help elevate the quality and accessibility of care We architect back-office automation and consumer applications for banks to shape new business models, sustain revenues, and create amazing customer experiences We craft software that helps insurance companies track commissions, manage tasks, process claims, create invoices, make payments, and automate other administrative tasks
Retail & ecommerce Logistics & transportation We help retail and ecommerce businesses reset sourcing and supply chains, tap into predictive insights, meet shifting consumer expectations, and transform shopping experience across digital channels We architect software that enhances supply finance and payment management, letting supply chain leaders be responsive to demand and resilient to change, optimize costs, and ensure sustainable growth

Established FinTech software development workflows for prolific cooperation

Whether you look to transform your organization into a truly digital enterprise or seek to bring a new FinTech product to the market, we have efficient processes to deliver value from day one.






We interview key stakeholders and dive into your processes to pinpoint the workflows that could be improved

ITRex: a trusted financial software development company

Vendor-agnostic: We are not tied to any providers, so we only recommend technologies that we believe are right for you
Diverse expertise: Financial software development company with a decade of experience, we have delivered hundreds of successful solutions to businesses from across sectors.
Top developers with niche skills: With our 350-strong team, we bring in best BA, development, and R&D talent
Proven track record: We have successfully completed 600+ projects and served 200+ clients across the globe

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