Revolutionize your operations with ITRex generative AI consulting

Generative AI, trained on vast data, creates original text, images, and code. It can reshape how you do business. Embarking on a digital transformation journey or conceptualizing a GenAI initiative? ITRex, your generative AI development company, provides end-to-end support.
Redefining Automation Personalization at its Peak Boundless Content Creation With GenAI, you can boost productivity in the back office, customer service, and IT operations alike. Entrust routine tasks to AI. Our expertise ensures seamless implementation. Beyond smart, it’s intuitive. We will help you enhance every customer interaction with AI-driven responses, relevant product suggestions, and self-help options across touchpoints. GenAI can be your next creative guru — crafting articles, artwork, or video scripts. Turn to ITRex, your GenAI development company, and enrich your content landscape.
Ideas Come Alive, Instantly Data Analysis, Reloaded Fortified Security Frontiers GenAI turns early-stage product and R&D ideas into prototypes fast. Boost innovation, sharpen your brand, and adjust products on the go to pioneer in today’s fast-paced markets. Revolutionize your data analysis with GenAI adoption to sense market feelings, detect anomalies in patterns, and cut costs. Ask your data new questions and discover faster insights. GenAI works in real-time, helping you understand your network traffic and quickly spot vulnerabilities. Tap ITRex's generative AI consulting services to bolster your defenses.

Take advantage of the latest tech with ITRex generative AI services

Dive into the future of AI with our Generative AI consulting and development services. Our decade-long R&D journey, from mastering neural networks to pioneering tools like ChatGPT and text-to-image, equips us to tailor solutions that fuel your business growth.

Generative AI Consulting
We immerse ourselves in the dynamics of your enterprise, aligning with its vision and intricacies. Once we're synced, we design a roadmap and roll out a PoC. Our eyes are always on potential ROI, ensuring that our AI strategies translate to tangible benefits for you.
Generative AI Development
Our ML engineers harness the strengths of neural architectures like RNNs, transformers, and GANs. Looking for text capabilities akin to ChatGPT or visual prowess like DALL-E? Consider it accomplished. Partner with ITRex, your GenAI development company, and you're not merely navigating the AI wave—you're pioneering it.
Generative AI Integration & Customization
Taking Generative AI capabilities beyond the ordinary, we embed them into your digital ecosystem. From API integration to customization, we establish a robust backbone for your AI-driven ambitions. Explore realms like chatbots, virtual reality, automated content creation, and beyond, all crafted to resonate with your brand.
Model Optimization
Discover the edge with models fine-tuned to your business narrative. Leveraging tools like transfer learning and data augmentation, we sculpt Large Language Models (LLMs) that speak your language. And we also integrate with APIs, set up modern data architecture, or shift to the cloud seamlessly.
Generative AI Maintenance
With us, your GenAI tools remain sharp and relevant. Beyond mere monitoring and addressing issues, we proactively enhance your AI models to guarantee top-tier performance. Whether it's retraining with fresh data, tweaking hyperparameters, or refining the architecture, we’re always on the lookout.

Mastering ChatGPT & customizable LLMs

At ITRex, we excel at ChatGPT and LLMs and pride ourselves on guiding enterprises to harness their power.

Choosing between ChatGPT and LLMs Enhanced AI through live data Custom solutions with ChatGPT Expanding ChatGPT horizons We offer guidance on when and why to prefer GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 or dive into fine-tuned LLMs to implement your business case. Data is dynamic. We can supercharge ChatGPT by integrating live data for diverse applications. The potential of ChatGPT in enterprise solutions is vast. We leverage it to craft custom AI tools tailored to your needs. We don’t just develop. We’re your partners in innovating and pushing the boundaries of what ChatGPT can achieve for your business.

Powering generative AI development: our tech arsenal

With ITRex, the best in AI technology is at your fingertips.

Deep Learning Frameworks Toolkits Libraries Image Classification Models
  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow
  • MXNet
  • ONNX
  • CoreML
  • JAX
  • PaddlePaddle
  • Keras
  • TensorRT
  • CoreML
  • Scikit-learn
  • Sonnet
  • Spacy
  • tf-slim
  • Tensor2tensor
  • VGG-16
  • ResNet50
  • Inceptionv3
  • EfficientNet
Generative AI Models Algorithms Neural Networks and Techniques Cloud Services
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  • Transformer models: GPT3, GPT-3.5 Turbo, LLaMa, FLAN-T5, LaMDA, Wu-Dao, BERT
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Semi-supervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Clustering
  • Metric Learning
  • Few-shot Learning
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
  • Transformer Networks
  • Representation Learning
  • Manifold Learning
  • Variational Autoencoders (VAE)
  • Bayesian Networks
  • Autoregressive Networks
  • Azure OpenAI
  • GCP Vertex, GCP NLP, GCP Vision, GCP autoML
  • AWS Textract, AWS Rekognition

Why ITRex is your generative AI development company?

Deep-rooted expertise: Drawing from a rich background, we've transformed countless AI visions into success stories since 2009.
Elite Team: Boasting a 350-strong team, our AI consulting and development company brings in domain knowledge and specialized competencies in Deep Learning, NLP, and Big Data.
Innovation Meets Technology: Harnessing Generative AI, our R&D team merges creativity with cutting-edge tech, achieving innovative transformations.
Tangible Outcomes: We create with precision, aiming for results that speak for themselves.

Our approach to generative AI services

First, we dive deep into your AI ambitions. What problem are we solving? What's the endgame? Who's going to benefit from it?
We look at where your structured and unstructured data comes from, both the usual spots and new places. Next, our experts sort and prioritize the sources for your AI initiative.
You could use ready-made tools like ChatGPT for text capabilities. Or, if you want something more personal, our GenAI development company builds custom AI tools with things like GANs and VAEs
We can adjust an AI to fit your needs or create a new one from the ground up. Both ways make sure your AI works just right. Additionally, for projects that need validation or early feedback, we're equipped to build a PoC or MVP, giving you a tangible product to test and showcase.
After training the AI, we test it. If something's off, we adjust until it's perfect.
Finally, we add the AI to your application or tool, make sure it runs smoothly, and check all the rules are followed.

How can you partner with us on generative AI development services?

Choose a collaboration style tailored to your unique project needs and requirements.

Dedicated Team Team Extension Handpick a skilled self-managed team solely focused on your AI goals. They blend smoothly with your current setup, diving deep into your project and bringing fresh perspectives. It’s an opportunity to start on Generative AI development immediately and gradually build your in-house expertise. Got a team but need a bit more AI firepower? Supplement with our experts. Whether it's addressing specific expertise gaps in deep learning, NLP, or another approach or just ramping up, our crew integrates seamlessly, ensuring your project stays on track. They're in sync, they're collaborative, and they're all about making your AI vision a reality.

ITRex: Vital Stats

13+ years of hands-on experience
300+ top-tier experts
200+ clients around the globe
3+ years' client engagement
600+ software products delivered
90% hold BS, MS or PhD in Math/Computer Science


1. What is generative AI, and how does it function?
Generative AI employs deep learning algorithms to both generate new content and draw insights from existing data. Unlike purely predictive models, generative AI has the dual capability of analysis and content creation. Through techniques such as machine learning and NLP, it can produce content like images that resemble, but are not identical to, those in its training set, and can also analyze data in novel ways.
2. Why use generative AI?
Generative AI offers enhanced data analysis, predictive capabilities, improved decision-making, and cost reductions. It's also adept at creating novel digital assets ranging from images to videos.
3. What are the common applications of generative AI?
Generative AI finds versatile applications across various domains:
  • - Customer Service: Companies deploy generative models to enhance automated and personalized customer interactions.
  • - Marketing and Sales: AI-driven chatbots, sentiment analysis, and summarization tools help businesses deeply understand and proactively engage with their markets.
  • - Administrative Tasks: Automating tasks like data analysis, report generation, and document handling is more efficient with generative AI.
  • - Recruitment: AI can facilitate the selection process by matching job requirements with candidate profiles.
  • - Business and Customer Analysis: Generative AI provides insights into consumer behaviors and market trends.
  • - Fraud Detection: Generative models can assist in identifying anomalies or suspicious patterns in transactions.
4. Which companies are using generative AI models?
Tech leaders such as Google, Facebook, Adobe, NVIDIA, and IBM have incorporated generative AI solutions. They leverage this technology for diverse tasks, including the generation of images, videos, texts, and even music compositions.
5. In which industries is generative AI making an impact?
Generative AI is revolutionizing multiple sectors
  • - Healthcare: From interactive patient tools to support in clinical decision-making and efficient data management.
  • - Banking: Enhancements in customer support, streamlining of loan approval processes, and advanced fraud detection.
  • - Retail: Providing real-time personalized shopping experiences, aiding in product research, and offering advanced self-service portals.
  • - Education: Delivering tailored learning experiences, generating curated content, and supplementing traditional educational tools.
  • - Manufacturing: Assisting in the analysis of product defects, optimizing supplier relations, and improving supply chain logistics.
6. Is Chat GPT an example of generative AI?
Absolutely. Chat GPT is a type of generative AI known as a large language model.
7. Can ChatGPT be integrated into my application?
Certainly. Since March 1, 2023, developers can embed ChatGPT into their applications using the OpenAI API. It excels in various tasks, such as text generation, translation, and summarization. Pricing is determined by token usage, with a rate of $0.002 per 1k tokens, mirroring GPT-3.5-turbo's pricing.
8. How quickly can a generative AI solution be developed?
The development timeline for generative AI hinges on project intricacy, dataset volume, and the developers' proficiency. Typically, the timeframe for a solution without complex integrations extends from a few weeks to several months. With a seasoned GenAI development company like ITRex, equipped with industry-leading R&D capabilities, the process is expedited, ensuring superior outcomes.
9. How much does it cost to craft a generative AI solution?
The financial investment in a generative AI solution is influenced by the project's breadth, its complexity, and the development team's hourly rates. The costs can range between tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. By aligning with a trusted partner like ITRex, you gain access to adept developers at competitive rates, ensuring top-tier results without straining your budget. And with us, you'll always have clear pricing from the outset.
10. Why should ITRex be your choice for generative AI consulting and development services?
ITRex isn't just a provider; we're an AI and big data journey partner. Our R&D lab incubates pioneering AI ideas and turns them into tangible prototypes. Proficient across AI domains, including ML, deep learning, NLP, and computer vision, we steward AI projects from data readiness to mass user deployment. Adopting a 'begin-small, grow-big' methodology, ITRex helps Fortune 500 entities and budding startups to implement groundbreaking AI solutions, enhancing operations, uplifting customer relations, and fortifying intelligent decision-making. Our status as innovation consultants ensures we might conceive a tech pathway that's more streamlined and efficient for realizing your vision, potentially more cost-effective and agile than your initial thought. We would be happy to look at your vision from different perspectives and give you free advice over the phone. Don’t hesitate and contact us.