Generative AI consulting services

ITRex's generative AI consulting services deliver clear, impactful, and timely results, allowing businesses to innovate and operate on the edge.

Move your business forward with our generative AI consulting services

Embarking on a digital transformation journey in the age of generative AI comes with its fair share of challenges and costly mistakes. ITRex, a reputable generative AI consulting company, is ready to accompany you on this journey, mitigating the risks associated with generative AI development, such as ethics, bias, and lack of explainability, while maximizing value.
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Generative AI proof of concept
As part of our generative AI consulting services, ITRex will help your company create a preliminary version of a Gen AI application. This proof of concept aims to test multiple hypotheses, assess their technical feasibility, select the best approach, and demonstrate the practical value of generative AI to your company's stakeholders.
Generative AI strategy development
Our generative AI consulting services are built around developing Gen AI strategies and project roadmaps. We help clients identify promising Gen AI use cases and opportunities, prioritize use cases, devise phased roadmaps for adopting and scaling generative AI company wide, and educate your personnel on the novel technology systems.
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Generative AI cost-benefit analysis
Our generative AI consulting company will assist you with a comprehensive evaluation of Gen AI development, deployment, and maintenance expenses against the anticipated benefits like efficiency gains, increased revenue, or enhanced customer satisfaction.
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Gen AI tech stack selection
After a thorough examination of your business objectives and current IT infrastructure, ITRex's generative AI consultants will recommend the best open-source or proprietary models, frameworks, and infrastructure for your project. When doing so, we consider factors like scalability, performance, security, and possible technology constraints.
Ethical Gen AI implementation
A dedicated generative AI consultant will help your company identify and address biases in Gen AI models and training data. This way, we can ensure that generative AI applications are created and used responsibly, with fairness, transparency, and adherence to ethical standards and regulations.
Generative AI performance optimization
We provide generative AI consulting services to companies that have already integrated this cutting-edge technology into their IT infrastructure. ITRex can help you optimize cloud computing costs, choose servers for an on-premises deployment, or improve the output quality of Gen AI models.

Partner with generative AI consultants for industry-specific solutions

ITRex’s generative AI consulting services will empower your firm to identify sweet-spot Gen AI applications for your sector, remain ahead of the disruption wave, and outperform competitors.

  • Use virtual patient models for risk-free clinical trials and research
  • Tailor treatment plans to individual patients’ needs
  • Improve the quality of medical images and generate synthetic images for model training
  • Utilize patient data to forecast health trends and outbreaks
  • Provide medical advice and boost patient engagement using Gen AI chatbots
  • Reduce the time and costs of drug discovery
  • Personalize treatment plans based on patients’ genomic data and health records
  • Speed up the design and execution of clinical trials
  • Accelerate laboratory research while minimizing human errors
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards, including GMP, GCP, FDA, and EMA
  • Facilitate the discovery of new drugs and therapeutic molecules
  • Improve understanding of disease mechanisms by predicting protein structures
  • Reimagine the design of biological parts, devices, and systems
  • Revamp CRISPR gene editing and tissue engineering practices
  • Enhance plant genetics for higher yield and pest resistance
  • Assess drug efficacy and side effects early in the development process
  • Expedite research and data analysis
  • Improve treatment outcomes through precision medicine
  • Produce synthetic data for algorithm training and simulation
  • Automate laboratory and clinical workflows
  • Make personalized promotions for specific customer segments
  • Modify product designs based on customer feedback
  • Forecast demand by analyzing historical and real-time data and market trends
  • Refine inventory management practices
  • Boost sales by optimizing store layouts
  • Offer personalized product recommendations
  • Create and optimize marketing copy for conversions
  • Adjust pricing strategy based on demand, competition, and customer behavior
  • Prevent stockouts and excessive inventory
  • Analyze payment transactions to prevent fraud
  • Design new products considering your objectives and constraints
  • Anticipate equipment failures before they occur
  • Anticipate disruptions and optimize inventory levels by simulating complex supply chains
  • Identify and resolve issues during the manufacturing process
  • Monitor and optimize energy consumption throughout manufacturing operations
  • Improve decision-making capacity and reduce order response time
  • Optimize delivery routes based on schedules, traffic patterns, and weather condition
  • Reduce fleet downtime with predictive and prescriptive maintenance
  • Maximize warehouse space utilization
  • Maintain optimum inventory levels depending on sales data and external factors
  • Identify transaction anomalies
  • Predict and execute trades using intelligent algorithms
  • Personalize financial products and services
  • Assess clients’ creditworthiness with greater precision
  • Enhance or fully automate customer support and administrative tasks

Reap the full benefits of generative AI with expert consulting

Our generative AI consultants assist organizations in increasing productivity, making informed decisions, and lowering operational costs by strategically combining Gen AI with other artificial intelligence technologies. Harness ITRex’s generative AI consulting services to:

Redefine automation Unleash creativity Reimagine data analytics ITRex blends Gen AI with robotic and intelligent process automation to improve back-office operations, from invoice generation to financial reporting. Collaborate with our generative AI specialists to achieve more with less! With Gen AI consulting, you can choose effective proprietary and open-source tools for content creation. Whether you need to create text-based or graphic content for digital campaigns or improve your website's ranking, our AI consultants are here to help. Gen AI will take your data analytics to new heights by creating synthetic data, automating data preparation tasks, and mastering anomaly detection and scenario simulation. Use generative AI consulting to uncover hidden insights in your corporate data!
Reach hyperpersonalization Test ideas instantly Fortify security Expert generative AI consultants will train intelligent algorithms to comb through your clients' purchase history, browsing habits, and social media interactions, producing relevant, personalized content across all touch points. At ITRex, we have dedicated R&D professionals who specialise in generative AI consulting. We will use Gen AI to quickly test your ideas and concepts, create functional prototypes, and fine-tune product design, resulting in new revenue opportunities for your company. Our Gen AI consulting services include teaching algorithms to model, anticipate, detect, and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Specifically, we will explain how to use Gen AI for network architecture and traffic analysis, data encryption, and cybersecurity training.

Discover how ITRex approaches generative AI consulting

As a first step in generative AI consulting, we evaluate your near and long-term objectives, existing IT infrastructure, AI readiness, and potential financial impact. A Gen AI consultant will ensure that stakeholders are engaged throughout the process.
A generative AI consulting team will propose proprietary or open-source language models, large or small, or recommend a multimodal Gen AI solution. We’ll figure out whether you can use the model as is or fine-tune it using your data.
We investigate where your structured and unstructured data comes from and resides. Next, our generative AI consultants will sort and prioritize data sources for your initiative and recommend workarounds if the data is lacking.
Depending on the selected implementation approach, our generative AI consulting company will recommend a suitable cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises infrastructure, as well as complementary software solutions.
With a blueprint architecture and the selected technology stack in hand, ITRex's generative AI consultants will develop a fail-safe strategy that includes immediate objectives, long-term goals, and ongoing innovation.

Select ITRex as your generative AI consulting company

Extensive expertise. With a background in AI consulting and development, as well as specific technologies like NLP and computer vision, ITRex is regarded as one of the leading generative AI consulting companies that serves both enterprises and medium-sized businesses.
Flexibility. As a generative AI consulting company committed to our clients' success, we provide a variety of collaboration options, including staff augmentation, dedicated teams, and a virtual CTO. We are also vendor-agnostic and can assist you with product discovery, proof of concept, MVP development, and full-fledged Gen AI implementation
In-house generative AI consultants. Our 230+ person generative AI consulting company has a research and development department dedicated to driving innovation, both internally and for our clients.
Tangible outcomes. As a reliable Gen AI consulting partner, ITRex always ties your vision to specific outcomes. We accomplish this by taking a "start small, think big" approach, proposing ways to battle-test generative AI on specific, isolated use cases before gradually introducing technology throughout the enterprise.


1. What exactly is generative AI, and how can it help my business?
Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence technologies that can produce new content, predictions, or data models based on the training data they have received. It can help your business by increasing creativity, accelerating innovation, personalizing customer experiences, and optimizing operational processes.
2. What industries can benefit from generative AI?
Generative AI has numerous applications in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, life sciences, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, finance, and others that involve language-based tasks. According to generative AI consultants, technology has the potential to enhance or fully automate up to 70% of all enterprise operations.
3. How much does generative AI implementation cost?
The cost of implementing generative AI can vary greatly, ranging from a few hundred dollars per month for commercially available tools to $190,000 or more for a customized solution built on a fine-tuned open-source model. Check out this blog post by ITRex's generative AI consultants for a thorough discussion on how to determine the cost of generative AI for your company.
4. What factors influence the cost of generative AI implementation?
The specific tasks you want to improve with AI, the model that best suits those tasks, and the preferred implementation approach are among the multiple factors that influence Gen AI costs and your ROI. Additionally, the decision to hire in-house AI talent or outsource Gen AI consulting and development can have a significant impact on costs.
5. How can I mitigate the risks associated with generative AI implementation?
It is critical to thoroughly assess your project requirements, choose an appropriate foundation model, consider the ethical implications of generative AI, and build a strong data governance framework. Careful planning and expert Gen AI consulting can help to reduce both the risks and costs of generative AI deployment.
6. How does ITRex approach generative AI consulting?
Our generative AI consulting company starts every project by understanding a customer’s vision and objectives and evaluating their IT infrastructure and AI readiness. We then select the best tools and data, recommend an optimal infrastructure, and develop a strategic roadmap for implementing and scaling generative AI in your enterprise. Each of these Gen AI consulting steps results in a specific deliverable, such as an analysis of functional and non-functional requirements for a generative AI solution, a feasible Gen AI strategy, or mockups and prototypes.
7. Can you provide examples of successful generative AI projects by ITRex?
Our generative AI consulting company has helped clients build a Gen AI app for art categorization and forgery detection, AI-powered RPA bots for the banking industry, an emotion recognition solution, and more. For more success stories, please see our portfolio.