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Navigating the discharge process after a hospital stay can be tough. Even though almost everyone receives strict instructions when they leave, more than 80% of patients don't follow up. Each year, about 14% of patients in the US — that's 4.5 million people — end up back in the hospital within 30 days of being discharged. The first 48 hours after any medical intervention are particularly important. This is when patients need the most help. Our client recognized the need for radical improvements in post-discharge care. They wanted to create a healthcare companion app that will broaden the reach of care providers, enhance patient outcomes, curtail readmission rates, and bolster patient satisfaction. They needed a top-notch team to build an MVP. That's when they called us, ITRex.

Our task was to:
Conduct a thorough business analysis to understand project objectives, gather precise requirements, design intuitive mockups, and crystallize a tech-forward vision
Build a cost-efficient MVP for the healthcare companion app in the most expedient manner
Provide support for the HIPAA compliance process


ITRex conceived and built a user-friendly web application, designed to serve as a reliable healthcare companion app offering patients continuous support from the moment they leave the hospital. A critical aspect of our mission was to guide our client through the HIPAA compliance process, assisting them in obtaining the valued HIPAA Seal of Compliance, which certifies their commitment to health data protection. Integrated with payment systems, call center software, and a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system using AWS services, our MVP had custom functionality for creating recovery plans, setting up clinical workflows, managing appointments, and more. Specifically, its core functionality included:
Easy single sign-up via the integrated EHR system
Wizard-guided questionnaires for new patients
Collection of discharge codes
Built-in calendar to track appointments and appointment reminders
Telehealth support, offering instant access to medical professionals via video or phone
Personalized post-discharge recovery plans and tips, initially compiled by subject matter experts and later powered by a custom AI module
24/7 medication reminder
Auto-generation of invoices for insurance companies
Simplified integration for healthcare providers with a one-click setup
Feature-rich admin panel to manage patients, content, integrations, and payment systems
Robust data analysis and reporting


Our MVP has laid the foundation for implementing an ambitious healthcare solution with AI-powered recovery plans and remote patient monitoring capabilities to:
Improve patient outcomes through continuous, post-discharge support
Cut hospital readmissions thanks to personalized recovery plans and remote monitoring
Boost patient satisfaction with an intuitive interface and 24/7 support
Save on healthcare costs by reducing unnecessary hospital visits
Builds trust by adhering to HIPAA regulations and securing health data

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