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The education division of the world’s top provider of commercial data, analytics, and insights for businesses was struggling with its legacy data platform. Dealing with vast volumes of multifaceted education-centric data, the client required a new, scalable solution capable of aggregating, storing, processing, and transforming this extensive information into valuable insights for targeted marketing across US educational institutions, districts, and staff. They needed a data management solution that would enhance their ability to sell education-related data to brands and marketers. They turned to ITRex for our in-depth data expertise.

Our task was to:
Design and deliver an advanced cloud-based data management platform based on the client’s legacy system to streamline data processing and access for marketing campaigns
Migrate their expensive datasets to the cloud and provide full-cycle front and back-end development services
Pack the platform with new functionality to enable the organization’s customers to leverage the latest advancements in marketing strategies and tactics


Our dedicated team has delivered a cloud-based, end-to-end data management solution tailored to the client's specific needs for selling education-centric data. The platform, designed for handling large volumes of intricate data efficiently, provides unparalleled access to education institution data, personnel contact information, and valuable firmographics. It offers a suite of tools and services for a streamlined workflow:
Access to the National Education Database: Allows marketers to build email and direct mail audience lists with the most precise targeting criteria to use them in promotional campaigns
Advanced Search Capabilities: Enables detailed searches across various criteria like district, school, personnel, administrative offices, geography, type of institution, enrollment, and budget
Data Integration Tool: Allows easy data integration directly into a user's platform supporting popular platforms like Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, SQL Server, NetSuite, Oracle Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce, and SugarCRM
Comprehensive Integrations: Features include a proprietary API, an internal CRM system for customer data management, Byteplant for email address validation, CyberSource for payment operations automation, and Mandrill for transactional email services
Marketing Campaign Tool: A versatile tool for managing email, social media, and digital marketing campaigns
Custom Payment Mechanism: Users can buy internal payment units to spend them on downloading targeted audience lists
Responsive Design: Ensures optimal usability across various devices, enhancing user experience
Analytics Integration: Utilizes Google Analytics and Tag Manager for key data insights
adTech сloud platform
adTech сloud platform


Our holistic data management solution offers detailed education market data covering preschools to colleges and public libraries, including over 300 building-level indicators, 400+ K-12 job titles, 5,000 college courses, 35 demographic traits, and targeted persona selections
The system consistently delivers unparalleled accuracy, quantity, and quality in education data, maintaining over 90% accuracy in third-party audits for three consecutive years
5K registered users, able to search over 7.4+ million prospects, both locally and nationally

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