An online service that provides 1-on-1 nutrition and training coaching
Fitness & Wellness
Mobile Development, Testing
Swift, UIKit, CocoaPods/Swift Package Manager, CoreData, MagicalRecord, Alamofire, XCTest, KeychainSwift


A company providing online nutrition and training coaching to individuals via a web-based application was struggling to keep up with consumers preferring mobile to other channels. The company was missing their customer base growth targets too. They knew it was time for them to build a great mobile app that will put a 24/7 nutrition coach into the palm of the user’s hand. And they turned to ITRex as an experienced partner in mobile app development.

Our task was to:
​​Build a mobile nutrition and training coaching application for iOS and iPadOS on the basis of the client’s existing web platform
Run end-to-end testing to fix bugs and make improvements


Emphasizing real-time interactions with a personal hand-picked coach, a mobile nutrition coaching app helps users set smart weight loss or gain targets, track their progress, check in with their coach, and share any questions or concerns. Developed on the SOLID principles to make the software design understandable, flexible, and maintainable, the application also uses modular architecture and a UI code separated from the business logic code for easier support and change. As part of our QA approach, we ran different types of manual and automated testing to ensure app security, reliable performance, and smooth usability. The key functionality of the coaching app includes:
Intake form to sign up for online nutrition coaching and set weight loss/gain goals, including protein, fat, and carbs consumption per day. The goals are calculated by algorithms based on a set of questions (the user’s gender, weight, height, activity, etc.)
Personalized nutrition guidance using the macro counting method
Optional training program as an add-on to recommend the user daily training sets
Weight progress statistics to track progress week by week
Display of a due date for a check-in with the coach
Ability to submit check-ins with the coach or save them as a draft
Message board to chat with the nutrition coach and upload videos/photos
In-built nutrition library offering access to educational articles with a search option


Offering a deeply personalized approach, the mobile nutrition coaching app puts a personal nutritionist at the fingertips of the user, 24/7 too
Sticking to nutrition goals has been made a breeze, with the app attracting hundreds of enthusiastic users in the first two months after release

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