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To deliver faster in the digital era, one of the world’s largest developers of social networking apps needed to drive technological agility in their complex IT infrastructure and adopt best DevOps practices. Reliability, high-speed access to data and security were also critical for them. They turned to the ITRex cloud consultants to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure to connect their data centers and on-premises environments to the cloud.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Design a hybrid cloud architecture to connect on-premises applications in multiple physical data centers to the client’s cloud environment across multiple regions around the world
Set up hybrid network monitoring that is cost effective and fault tolerant
Set up a security model to limit cross-region traffic
Set up DNS infrastructure to enable DNS resolution between the on-premises network and AWS
Automate AWS infrastructure provisioning with Terraform
Provide secure, cost-effective inter-data center connectivity
Implement a secure VPN solution providing granular user-based access to cloud systems


A hybrid cloud network architecture providing security, reliability, scalability and speed
Fault-tolerant connections to AWS using the eBGP, BFD and VLAN protocols and setup of IGP and MLAG to ensure the fault tolerance of on-premises systems
Secure connections between production and non-production environments controlled with highly available firewalls
Setup of open source solutions for monitoring cloud and on-premises infrastructure to control operational workflows, dependencies, downtime and other infrastructure health metrics
VPC peering supported by AWS PrivateLink to enhance network security with private connectivity
Control of DNS traffic with configured DNS forwarders and Route 53
Secure inter-data center connectivity using IPSec tunnel mode, setup of a separate firewall zone supported by an antivirus program and a Zero Trust framework to maintain strict access controls
Remote VPN access with SAML and two-factor authentication, allowing for easy control of VPN rights
Automated AWC VPC creation in Terraform
Holistic Hybrid Cloud Solution
Hybrid Cloud Solution for Social Media Giant


The hybrid cloud solution has simplified network operations and their management, providing infrastructure scalability, security and cost-effectiveness, including reduced hiring costs
The consolidation of network resources has provided transparency for all teams, improving their development efficiency
With network automation, the company has expanded DevOps capabilities, accelerating product delivery

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