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With 120+ owned and managed vessels on board, the client faced increased complexity in managing key business metrics due to the poor UI/UX design of their legacy ERP. The ERP dashboard failed to provide quick access and traceability for key information, while this data scattered across the system was presented in a complicated way. Slow data analysis delayed insights, leading to lost business opportunities. So they needed to redesign their ERP system to improve its usability for better fleet management.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Improve user experience through developing a more intuitive user interface
Build an information architecture solution enabling users to find information quickly and effortlessly
Create a strong design based on the company’s new brand identity and develop a brand guide
Create a simple and easy-to-view ERP dashboard displaying all key metrics in real time
Structure data in a concise manner to make it easy to interpret for users who mostly come from an excel background
Enable full support of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for data management


A new, user-friendly design for the ERP: 20+ screens.
A coherent and consistent information architecture, including organization systems, labeling systems, navigation systems, and searching systems
A new, modular dashboard providing clarity and visibility to all key metrics, such as the number of vessels currently used, the number of vessels to be released in the next two weeks, vessel requests, own and rival rates, and average rivals per ship
Easy-to-configure screens, allowing admins to add/delete/reorder widgets as they need
Options to add/modify/remove or export rows
Filtering options to view current status on any vessel, including the charterer, departure/destination, early/late TC, pending requests, and rates offered by rivals for similar charter trips
Maritime Fleet Management ERP
Maritime Fleet Management ERP
Maritime Fleet Management ERP 2
Maritime Fleet Management ERP 3
Maritime Fleet Management solution


Fleet managers now monitor key metrics in real time, all from a single source, including demand for vessels and data on rates
Information on the current/planned availability of vessels and the market competitive environment is extracted quickly from well-organized data, facilitating fleet management and decision-making on prices
Admins can easily reconfigure screens to serve changing business needs
The new ERP saves a considerable amount of time and effort on vessel management

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