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Modern data warehouse for global creative marketplace

Global creative marketplace
eCommerce, Media
Data Management
Tech stack
SQL Server, Snowflake, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, dbt, looker, Tableau, ActiveBatch


Managing a digital library with more than 60 petabytes, our client — a top global marketplace of stock photos, videos, music, and other creative content— faced escalating challenges in data management With rapid business growth, an ever-increasing stream of content, and the shift to new tech, including Snowflake, the company encountered significant data disorganization. To address the problem, the client needed expert assistance with modernizing and scaling their data warehouse. They needed it to act as a single source of truth.

Our approach
The ITRex team collaborated closely with the client to build their new data warehouse on Snowflake. Our contribution focused on the following key areas:
Data Source Evaluation: Our team conducted thorough audits to identify the most reliable and relevant sources of both structured and unstructured data
Data Collection: We set up systems to gather both data from various databases, APIs, and flat files, and real-time data from the client's website and Google Analytics to work with the most current data available
Data Processing Setup: We established ETL processes using dbt and other tools
Data Improvement: We cleaned and enhanced the data, removing inaccuracies. As the next step, we structured the data into several layers, making it easier to manage and interpret
Department-Specific Data Solutions: We developed specialized data marts for different business units, like sales, HR, and finance to address their unique requirements
Custom Reporting: Our team created bespoke reports for various business units using SQL, Snowflake procedures, and platforms like Looker and Tableau. We focused on gathering detailed business requirements and strategized on the best ways to collect data across disparate systems
Advanced Data Visualizations: Utilizing Python within Snowflake, we developed sophisticated data visualizations


Improved the accuracy and accessibility of data for more informed decision-making across the organization
Enabled business units to derive more relevant insights from data while reducing operational complexities
Increased business agility by enabling the client to process real-time data from various sources and adapt their market strategies promptly
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