US-based startup
Product Development
PHP, Node js., React, Strapi, MySQL, Shopify, AWS


A US-based startup has come up with the idea of building a cutting-edge ecommerce platform for influencer-led online sales. They wanted to let influencers earn commission on sales from brands while offering the brands a new distribution channel to win over a new generation of shoppers. The client built basic functionality for their ecommerce application using Shopify but it wasn’t working as expected because of poor code practices. Adding new features was also a big problem. They were looking for a reliable tech partner who could develop a robust technical vision and take over their eCommerce app development. They turned to ITRex.

Our task was to:
Develop a technical vision and identify the best-fitting technical solution
Provide business analysts who could describe the current state of the solution and gather requirements for its further development
Implement fixes
Build critical functionality


A custom ecommerce platform that allows influencers to set up online storefronts with their favorite brands and personal items in minutes without the hassle of building and maintaining their own ecommerce website. Shoppers are offered a more personal eCommerce experience powered by user-generated content, while the brands can expand their distribution channels.
An ecommerce site where influencers set up their own storefronts using personal images and product descriptions. They can also house all their links there, including personal websites and social media usernames. Integrated with popular ecommerce platforms used by partnered brands, the website offers an on-site multi-brand checkout, enabling shoppers to put items from different brands in one cart during one session without being redirected to the brand’s site. The checkout process also allows one-click buying
Ability for brands to integrate with the platform in a few clicks, choose commission models for influencers, and collect consumer data
A stand-alone application form for influencers to apply for membership and pass a vetting procedure
Admin dashboards where influencers can update their storefront with new images or descriptions and track orders while brands can find influencers
Integration with the Klavio marketing platform that automates SMS and email campaigns to reach out to followers
Bonus program for bringing in new brands
Ecommerce platform development
custom ecommerce platform


The custom ecommerce platform built by ITRex is attracting top influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers who can become true retailers by earning up to 25% of partnered brands’ profits from sales
The platform has made headlines in the fashion and beauty industries, onboarding new brands weekly

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