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With traditional teaching practices in radiology education failing to catch up with advances in technology, a leading provider of e-learning solutions saw a clear need for innovations. The need was amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted teaching. The company came up with an idea of building a publicly available education site for interns and final-year radiology students. They wanted to offer an e-learning platform with secure login and easy-to-use content management tools, and they applied to ITRex for expertise in e-learning solutions development.

Our task was to:
Build the web application using Umbraco for smooth content management


The radiology e-learning platform, built using the latest version of Umbraco 8, consists of two blocks of functionality: Patient Cases displayed as CT scans and X-Rays for a diagnosis, and Assessments based on the multiple-choice questions model. Its key features are the following:
Ability to group patient cases by body part
Ability to order patient cases by difficulty
Filter option to choose a specific set of cases, from must know to video cases, or cases bookmarked or not yet completed by the user
Ability to finger swipe images on mobile devices and zoom into them
Ability to analyze images according to a suggested approach displayed alongside the image
Ability to compare cases with reference images that appear alongside or as a popup overlay depending on the screen size
Links taking users to the related group of questions in the assessment section
Social media sharing buttons
Responsive design enabling the platform to adjust to any screen size
User registration and login using forms-based authentication
Embedded code to send page data to Google Analytics for measuring website usage, user workflow, and the most visited pages
e-learning platform development
e-learning platform for medical students


The e-learning platform for future radiologists has proved a valuable education resource amid the pandemic that has led to a shift to online education
With a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate design, the education site facilitates students’ understanding of complex patient cases, helping them achieve academic excellence

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