A leading developer of next-generation deep-sampled virtual instruments
Product Development, QA
AWS, S3, .NET, Wordpress, PHP, WooCommerce , Swift


A multi award winning next-generation developer of virtual instruments for composers and music producers has created an unprecedented collection of samples, which they understood had a huge potential to appeal to a wider audience. To reach untapped music enthusiasts and scale up business, the client needed a robust ecommerce solution tailored to their unique industry needs for offering millions of samples to the general public.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Build a fully customized admin panel from scratch with must-have ecommerce tools and tailored functions, such as audio file management
Develop a digital watermarking technique for the admin panel to protect digital products
Create a storefront with a range of custom features and integrate it with popular payment systems
Build desktop tools for customers to map their samples to the right notes and download purchased instruments on their devices


An .NET admin panel with an N-layer architecture for flexibility that enables a variety of business critical custom activities, including audio file management
A custom algorithm to automatically generate individual watermarks for products based on the customer’s serial number; upon upload, audio files are split into chunks for the admin to create and share instruments with the storefront for customers, with the file-repacking and watermarking process initiated when the instrument is purchased
A storefront on Wordpress fully integrated with the .NET back office through two-way synchronization, as well as Paypal, Stripe and Affirm
A range of custom storefront features, including a music pack maker that allows customers to build their own bundles of eight instruments, the wishlist feature with detailed statistics on abandoned checkouts for targeting the customers with individual promotions and the gift system for purchasing instruments as a gift
Purchase funnel customization to prevent multiple purchases of the same product by the same customer and allow customers to acquire free products via the shopping cart
Storefront integration with Woocommerce to generate invoices for payments to external music authors
Automated support of storefront admins’ day-to-day activities, including merging user accounts, invoicing, resending instruments and verifying accounts
A downloader tool for PC and OSX that downloads massive music libraries and extracts them in no time, relieving the customer from the burden of manually manipulating with the files
A mapping utility that enables customers to import their own samples into the Prophet X or XL sequential synthesizers for creating sample sets
ecommerce solutions for instruments provider
ecommerce solutions for instruments provider


The simple yet powerful admin panel built from the ground up with no customization limits successfully serves every business need, from managing products, orders, customer details, payments or abandoned checkouts to customer analytics to running online marketing campaigns
The watermarking algorithm, which injects customers’ meta data into purchased instruments using bcrypt, protects the product from unauthorized use, distribution or reproduction
After the launch of the ecommerce platform, the client that has started their venture with creating products for blockbuster movies, independent films, video games and TV shows has seen a massive increase in sales to wider audiences
The mapping utility with a user friendly layout and a streamlined workflow allows music enthusiasts to fully map their samples for use within synthesizers in a single window and create their unique sample sets. Automated mapping is also available, doing the hard job for the user
The custom downloader tool lets users sit back and enjoy impressive download speeds

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