The world’s leading retailer operating a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores
Product Development, QA
Terraform, Docker, Azure CLI, Java 11, Maven, OAuth 2.0, Spring, Apache Airflow, Databricks, K8s, ADLS Gen2, Azure Cosmos DB, JanusGraph, Cassandra


With the COVID-19 outbreak affecting daily operations in the retail sector, the client was looking for extended measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Retail associates were at an increased risk of exposure, having to check out shared-use devices at the back of the store to serve customers. Empowering them with personal smartphones giving access to the client’s app suite was a good way to enable them to do their job safer and even faster. The client needed an app to ensure a secure distribution and deployment of mobile technology among employees.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Build a web app that will act as an intermediary between the client’s phone supplier, an enterprise mobility management provider, and a package delivery service
Connect the app to Apple’s Device Enrollment Program for the deployment of the devices
Ensure the functionality experience equivalent to shared-use devices at the back of the store
Protect associates’ private information on the company-issued phones
Enable an automatic configuration of corporate apps on the devices
Build an app within an extremely tight deadline - one month


An Azure-based app built ahead of the client’s deadline that connects Apple’s enterprise retailer CDW, the AirWatch provider of enterprise mobility management software, and the United Parcel Service (UPS)
Accessible from the client’s website, the app offers the employee two options: to go with the Bring Your Own Device program or fill in an order form for a company-issued smartphone
Shipment status is updated via API call to UPS
The phones are added to the client’s Apple Business Manager portal for automated enrollment in Apple’s Device Enrollment Program providing a fast way to deploy the devices without having to physically touch them
The client’s core business apps are downloaded automatically based on the employee-relevant software profile via AirWatch after the activation of the device
App to Enable Retail Associates to Work Safer Amid COVID-19 Splash
App to Enable Retail Associates to Work Safer


The solution has helped the client equip retail associates with personal smartphones in a fast and secure way so that they feel safer in the coronavirus situation
An easy phone ordering process has driven adoption rates that are projected to reach 100,000 users
Empowered with mobile technology, right in their pockets, associates have a 360 degree view of information at hand and can quickly check product details or available inventory, spending more time on the sales floor serving customers

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