BI Development

Business intelligence software collects, processes and stores complex business data. It is then turned into meaningful reports that are crucial for making reasonable business decisions. In most cases, enterprises use custom implementations of powerful BI tools from major vendors.

ITRex helps its clients implement professional and flexible applications with advanced functionality. The company provides integration of BI systems with existing CRM systems, financial software or similar enterprise system management software. Custom reports help companies get deeper insights into their business performance and immediately react to changes in the market.


Professional business intelligence tools use various components to store, access, analyze and present data. It is especially important for products with large scale data, when it comes to data mining, or exploring vast amounts of data. There is an extensive range of BI solutions in the market, but general functionality remains consistent in most systems, as it relies on the most common business requirements. BI technology stacks include applications and systems for numerous purposes:

  • Reporting;
  • Analysis and dashboarding;
  • Extract, Transform and Load processes;
  • Data warehouses/ Data Marts, etc.

All this functionality can be implemented, integrated and customized by ITRex.


ITRex has been working with a number of business intelligence services, including the following technologies:

  • QlikView,
  • Microsoft SharePoint,
  • Pentaho Kettle,
  • Microsoft SSIS, SSRS, SSAS,
  • Cognos.

By choosing a solution from one of the world's renowned vendors, developers and analysts can start technical implementation in the shortest terms.


When implementing a software product, ITRex strives to gain full understanding of the company’s processes and requirements. Business analysts undertake a number of measures to ensure the most efficient BI implementation, such as:

  • Interviewing managers and other stakeholders;
  • Complete business analysis of the company's services;
  • Comprehensive analysis of the existing management system of the company;
  • Recommendations on the choice of the proprietary or open source business intelligence software.

Even if the business logic of the client has not been documented properly, ITRex experienced analysts can quickly collect requirements and start technical implementation in no time.


The most challenging projects accomplished by ITRex have been focused on a set of diverse general and business-specific problems and tasks, such as:

  • Collecting and storing large volumes of data before processing;
  • Processing different sets of data simultaneously;
  • Extending and restructuring existing DWH (Data Warehouses);
  • Automating and optimizing large volumes of uploaded data, and more.

Need reliable business insights? ITRex team has skills and talents to choose the right one for you.