AI application development services that realize your vision

Do you have an app idea in mind? There’s an AI technology for that. And our expertise spans them all. A market leader in AI consulting and development, ITRex empowers your app with intelligence to revolutionize user experience, automate processes, support smart decision-making, and boost revenue.
Recommendation systems
Profile your users intelligently by incorporating a recommendation system into your artificial intelligence app, which learns from user behavior in the past to predict their current preferences.
  • Enhance customer experience through more relevant suggestions
  • Push your cross-selling and upselling effort to the next level
  • Increase recommendation accuracy
    Chatbots and conversational AI
    Design and integrate an ML and NLP-powered chatbot for human-like conversations. Whether you need a chat/voice bot to automate replies to customers, assist fitness enthusiasts, or replace humans in healthcare, we are here t help.
    • Boost engagement by recognizing intent and tone
    • Improve customer support, sales, and marketing while cutting costs
    • Automate internal processes like HR activities
    • Provide AI-powered individually tailored products and services
    Personalization engines
    Create extremely impactful communication with your customers. We build AI mobile apps that track users’ activity for delivering unique experiences and optimizing your offering.
    • Capture customers’ interest with accurately targeted campaigns
    • Adapt product descriptions
    • Recognize customers immediately on any channel
    • Deliver personalized products and services across industries, be it healthcare or education
    Computer vision solutions
    Tap into rapidly evolving computer vision technology with our artificial intelligence app development services to extract knowledge in real time from images and videos.
    • Cut down on staffing costs through process automation
    • Transform retail (auto checkouts, in-store navigation, contactless delivery, etc.)
    • Personalize user experience in education, fitness, and other industries
    • Produce more accurate diagnoses through medical image analysis
    Predictive engines
    Uncover data patterns, anticipate trends, and predict customer behavior. Advanced ML solutions enable businesses to act proactively and make more intelligent decisions.
    • Retain users based on analysis of their interaction with your app
    • Deliver personalized marketing
    • Offer better treatments to patients
    • Improve supply chain management or make public transport smarter
    Emotion recognition
    Understand your customers precisely with cutting-edge AI-enabled emotion recognition capabilities. As part of our AI app development services, we combine AI with the science of psychology to deliver powerful emotion-detecting apps for sentiment analysis and more.
    • Extract emotions from text using NLP and ML
    • Empower your call centers with customer speech analysis
    • Understand users’ reactions to your content
    • Detect emotions in patients to respond appropriately
    Leverage our IoT expertise for building a next-generation AI app working in tandem with connected devices. Through adoption of AIoT, we enable companies to transform entire industries, from manufacturing to healthcare.
    • Drive data analysis of your smart sensors
    • Prolong equipment life through predictive maintenance
    • Track and forecast in-store customer behavior
    • Replenish stock automatically

    360-degree AI expertise

    Outpace early adopters by tapping into our AI expertise that is unmatched. Providing AI app development services since 2009, we know how you can win big with artificial intelligence and are ready to help. Our team can quickly add market-proven AI capabilities or brainstorm with you for breakthrough innovation — and deliver it.

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    Building smart predictive systems using supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised learning algorithms to enable data-driven decision-making and personalization.
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    Solving complex tasks with a brain-like structure of algorithms for versatile applications, from virtual assistants and visual recognition to fraud detection, deep video analysis, and more.
    Cracking any computer vision challenge, be it image processing, object recognition, live video analysis, pose estimation, biometric authentication, or other.
    Delivering real-time speech recognition and conversational AI software solutions that radically transform user experience and save staffing costs.

    Why ITRex for AI application development services?

    Top-notch team. Our AI app development services are powered by our extensive skillset in big data solutions, data analytics, and computer vision to help you achieve something very impressive using the latest AI advances.
    100% transparency Transparency is our core value. We embed it in every process, keeping our clients in the loop at each and every step of the project and collecting their feedback. Thus, we ensure that everyone is on the same page.
    Full-cycle support. From ideation to validation, implementation, post-deployment support, and strategizing, our AI app development services are one-stop-shop for any of your AI app needs, no matter your industry.
    Innovative ideas. We are innovators at heart. At our R&D lab, we research new AI concepts and experiment with the latest tech. Using our insights, we build and validate prototypes to bring game-changing innovations to the market.

    FAQ about ITRex AI app development services

    How much does it cost to build an AI app?
    The price of your app would depend on multiple factors, including the type of software, the complexity of intelligence, the amount and quality of data to be ingested, features and functionality to be added, and others. Roughly, the prices of AI apps typically start from $20,000 and reach $150,000 and more. If you want to get an exact estimate for your project, drop us a line.
    How can I discuss my AI app idea with you?
    You can schedule a call with our AI consultants whenever it is convenient for you or contact as via the form. We can also meet for a coffee. Contact us and one of our executives will arrange the meeting.
    What is your tech stack for AI app development?
    Our engineers leverage leading AI tools to provide top-notch AI app development services for your business. These include Theano, Caffe, Gensim, spaCy, Scikit Learn, AWS Machine Learning, Azure Machine Learning, Scala, IMB Watson, TensorFlow, AI-One, Deeplearning4J, Apache Spark, Keras, Apache Mahout, Tamr, Conversica, Amazon Rekognition, and others.