All-round automation testing services for any project stage

Our automation software testing services are designed to check every functional aspect of your solution and make sure it behaves as it should. And to maximize quality, we set up non-functional automated tests to look into performance, security and other parameters.
Functional testing Performance testing Continuous testing Smoke testing | Regression testing | Integration testing | System testing Load testing | Stress testing | Scalability testing | Stability testing | Configuration testing An uninterrupted testing process through automated checks, integrated into a CI/CD pipeline
Compatibility testing UI testing End-to-end testing Cross-platform | Cross-browser Pixel perfect testing | Responsive design testing Validation of the entire application flow, including third-party integrations, to ensure that all modules work and interoperate as expected

High quality test automation services
in any environment

You get fast and the most accurate results regardless of the target platform or system. Our automation testing company has a decade of cross-domain experience to handle any testing challenges.

Mobile (iOS, Android, cross-platform)
Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, SCM, BPM, billing systems, etc)
Ecommerce solutions
Data warehouses, BI, big data
APIs and microservices

Our automation testing

At ITRex, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we focus on your specific needs selecting tools and frameworks that work best for your test automation project.

Automation testing services
that guarantee fast payoffs

Marrying first-class automation frameworks and our cross-domain expertise, we bring in automation testing services fast and at lower costs. You get the first results, including confidence in quality and speedier releases, in weeks, not months.

Benefits of automation testing services for your project:
Shorter development cycles and faster time to market, with time and resources saved on routine checks
Better test coverage as you can run tests on multiple platforms, browsers and devices at the same time
Higher testing accuracy and reliability with no human error
Fast and clear feedback for newly implemented features
Easy scalability due to test suites reuse within and across projects
Better visibility into testing activities and easier tracking of test results

Test automation services
for CI/CD

As part of our test automation services, we integrate automated tests into a CI/CD pipeline so that you get feedback on software quality as fast as possible. Tests are run continuously for every new code change and build not to let bugs sneak in production, increasing testing efficiency and cutting costs.

Continuous automation testing process made simple:
Writing scripts for unit and integration tests
Configuring test scripts to run in a CI/CD pipeline
Automatically running test scripts on each new commit
Obtaining feedback on code quality in seconds
Deploying the validated code

Proven automation testing

We use consistent methodology and proven approaches in building robust automated testing processes while being flexible to respond to your unique needs.





Carefully analyzing your software and testing needs.

engagement models

You are free to choose any engagement model that aligns with your priorities. Or contact ITRex to discuss the details, and we will figure out a cooperation approach that balances efficiency, performance and flexibility best.

Team augmentation On-demand testing Our vetted test automation engineers will fill in the skill gap on your project, quickly integrating into your workflows and delivering tangible improvements We step in at any stagе of the delivery life cycle and focus on testing specific features or user paths
Automated testing as a service Strategic consultancy We take the burden of test automation off your team, assuming full responsibility for your product quality. And you can stay in control with our transparent processes and SLA-powered KPIs Get expert advice from our consultants to identify process bottlenecks, design a solid automation testing strategy and optimize testing efforts and costs to make testing a strong arm supporting your project's success

What makes our test automation company stand out

of experience
QA automation engineers
successful projects
Quick integration
with your workflow and fast team resize
100% transparency
with regular reporting
Minimal on-boarding
48 hours
to start your project
Agile delivery
or any other framework to fit your needs