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One of the divisions of the data broker connects enterprises to the education community with innovative data-driven solutions that accelerate marketing and sales success. Our team was tasked with developing of a cloud-based data storage, analytics and management platform that gives instant access to high-quality education-centric data, including insights on schools, districts and education staff across the US for for marketing activities.

We took on the following challenges:
Create a new education market data platform based on the client’s legacy functionality, while also implementing a number of brand-new features
Build a marketing campaign deployment tool to manage and create email, social media and digital marketing campaigns
Provide optimal viewing across a wide range of devices


The cloud platform designed to drive sales and marketing performance through providing unparalleled access to education institution data, personnel contact information and valuable firmographics
A feature that gives access to the National Education Database and allows education marketers to build email and direct mail audience lists with the most precise targeting criteria to further use them in promotional campaigns
A tool for lead generation that gives a holistic view of the education market from district and school data to funding and bid information, while also providing district, teacher, and school personnel names and emails
A search feature allowing users to customize searches by district, school, personnel, administrative offices, geography, type of institution, enrollment, budget amount, and many other criteria
An email campaign manager tool that utilizes audience lists from the cloud for developing and implementing account-based sales and marketing strategies
An innovative cloud-based data integration tool that allows easy integration of data directly into a user's platform with speed and efficiency for a seamless workflow and supports popular end-platforms, including Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM, Microsoft SQL Server, NetSuite, Oracle Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce, SugarCRM
Credits, internal payment units which are purchased by users and spent for downloading targeted audience lists
Integrations with a proprietary API, an internal CRM system for customer data management; the email address validator Byteplant to keep email address lists clean; CyberSource to simplify and automate payment operations; and Mandrill, a transactional email service
Responsive web design to allow easy navigation on a variety of different-sized devices
Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for gathering critical statistics
adTech сloud platform
adTech сloud platform


The cloud solution provides complete and granular education market data that spans preschools to colleges to public libraries with more than 400 K-12 job titles, 5,000 college courses, 35 demographic characteristics, and persona selections to help precisely define the target audience
5K registered users
The platform allows searching over 7.4+ million prospects, both locally and nationally
93 percent accuracy of contact names and 99 percent accuracy of school names
Data refreshes as frequently as twice per month so the latest, reliable and accurate school market data is always available
Regular, automated updates from the platform directly to a client’s database: CRM systems are automatically populated with the freshest data, hence salespeople are freed for one-to-one interactions
New contacts are added regularly, including 2 million new contact teacher names added in 2018 and 2019

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