Our know-how brings out the value of artificial intelligence in healthcare

We have hands-on experience making AI in healthcare drive real value for both caregivers and patients. Our team uses multiple AI subsets and relies on industry best practices to build powerful AI solutions for healthcare that transform care delivery, even if you don’t have enough training data.
Machine Learning
We extract data from patient portals, EHR, EMR, hospital management, prescription management, and appointment booking systems and run it through neural networks to optimize care workflows and help doctors make better decisions about patient diagnosis and treatment
Deep Learning
We feed the data from medical systems to AI algorithms to build voice interfaces for medical software and devices, create smart applications for optical character recognition, pinpoint insurance and data fraud, and introduce caregivers to other benefits of AI in the medical field
Intelligent Automation
We set up automation algorithms to let medical staff devote more time to catering for patients rather than doing mundane administrative tasks. With robotic process automation (RPA), you can streamline online scheduling, easily manage insurance claims and patient requests, effectively track hospital and lab inventory, and more
Computer Vision
We leverage artificial intelligence in medical imaging, teaching algorithms to recognize abnormalities in MRI, CT, ultrasound, and X-ray images, while ensuring compliance with the DICOM standard

Opening the value of AI to healthcare industry players

Different healthcare stakeholders have different goals, and we help to achieve them all. What stays constant is our focus on quality and uncompromised compliance of your medical artificial intelligence solutions with relevant standards, including HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, HITECH, and DICOM.

Hospitals and clinics Medtech and wellness startups Pharmaceuticals and R&D companies We help you to eliminate inefficiencies and automate workflows, foster in-patient care and adopt telemedicine, and pave your way to other value-driving applications of AI in medical diagnosis and treatment. We can enrich your apps, medical devices, and remote patient monitoring systems with AI capabilities to help you win the market with next-gen solutions. We help you to facilitate medical research, advance clinical trials, and enjoy other benefits of artificial intelligence in medicine and vaccine development.

Building AI solutions for every healthcare need

We don’t only implement artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare — although that’s what we competently do — but also ensure interoperability between the newly built AI apps and other healthcare IT systems, such as EHR, EMR, patient portals, and population health management software, creating coherent and secure tech environments.

Advanced patient data analytics Virtual assistants Intelligent workflows and data management AI-powered analytics systems that advance precision medicine and allow doctors to create more effective personal healthcare plans based on the analysis of a patient’s genetic characteristics, lifestyle choices, and other factors AI-enabled software that transforms medical staff’s interaction with their patients and makes appointment scheduling and prescription refills faster and simpler, and also facilitates patient education Smart software systems using advanced AI techniques, including NLP, that enhance practice, radiology, and lab workflows by facilitating or even automating repetitive tasks, optimizing patient flow in real time, providing inventory visibility, and more
AI-powered expert systems Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring Fraud prevention and data security Intelligent algorithms offering insights crucial for accurate diagnosis that are drawn from patients’ test results, medical images, and sensor data from patient monitoring equipment AI-powered networks that allow to diagnose and treat trivial illnesses from remote via intelligent points-of-care, as well as monitor patients’ health parameters in real time, either in or out of the clinic Advanced security systems that prevent, detect, and neutralize cyberattacks and ensure a high degree of protection for personal healthcare information

Making ethical AI development a priority

At ITRex, we consider ethics as a cornerstone of healthcare AI development and put clear protocols in place on how to identify, evaluate, and mitigate AI-related risks. We always put humans in control, no matter how accurate our AI models are, to prevent any harm to patients’ health and lives.

We build transparent healthcare AI solutions that provide enough data for the medical staff to understand how AI comes to its decisions.
We prioritize patients’ well-being at all stages of AI development, from solution design to AI models validation, to provide tangible value for the healthcare sector.
To make our medical AI solutions utterly secure and compliant, we put controls in place that prevent intentional and accidental AI misuse.
We make sure that healthcare professionals always stay in control and can tune and reverse poor AI decisions.
What makes us stand out among AI healthcare companies
Vendor-agnostic. We aren’t tied to any providers, so we only recommend AI services and technologies that are a right fit for you
Top AI developers with niche skills. With 250+ skilled professionals on board, we bring in business analysts, data scientists, software architects, developers, and an R&D team with proven expertise building healthcare solutions
Focus on compliance. We know healthcare compliance standards well and only build medical software that for sure passes compliance reviews
Diverse expertise. An AI development company with 10+ years of experience, we have a track record of successfully completed healthcare projects utilizing varied AI subsets

AI development tech stack

The benefits of AI solutions
for healthcare in numbers

Healthcare today faces new challenges as more patients demand better care, while the industry has to be efficient as ever and develop new treatment methods, drugs, and vaccines to beat the pandemic. Leading healthcare organizations have adopted AI to lift the burdens caused by the COVID-19 crisis and already benefit from the first outcomes.

How can AI help healthcare?

of healthcare organizations already see
AI drive value in clinical decision-making
reduction in time spent on routine
administrative tasks
reduction in healthcare costs due to
optimized clinical processes and remote care
of unmet clinical demand
addressed by AI
reduction in patient recovery times
due to personalized care plans
work time savings for nurses due to
the elimination of unnecessary visits

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