Our know-how in building AI solutions for retail

Our approach is to make sure that the retail AI solutions we build for your business meet your specific objectives and KPIs, be they an increase in sales or cost reduction. Before kickstarting product development, we discuss what problems you are trying to solve and thoroughly study your infrastructure and data assets. Only then we scope your AI retail project. Knowledge sharing with your team and customer data security are also core pillars of our approach.
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Data Mining
& Analytics
Leveraging AI to gather, clean, and analyze data about historical sales trends, your customer lifetime value, channel performance, buying behavior patterns, and other critical drivers to improve your retail sales forecasting, inventory management and customer engagement
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Building intelligent chatbots that can automate email communication or interactions with customers on your website, providing answers to their queries instantly, 24/7. Chatbots help customers make a buying decision while taking over 60% of your help desk activities
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Creating smart recommendation engines and other AI solutions to personalize customer experience and your ecommerce product recommendations using data from the customer’s past purchases, search history, or ML-based sentiment analysis
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Autonomous shopping systems
Bringing in-store experience to greater heights with smart store solutions, from checkout-free shopping to smart shopping carts, which are based on machine learning or computer vision and help enhance social distancing or provide targeted advertising

AI solutions for retail and ecommerce that can supercharge your business

An AI company with 13+ years of experience, we know how to make AI your differentiating force in the retail or ecommerce industry. We will help you harness natural language processing for speech recognition, computer vision and machine learning algorithms, including deep learning and neural networks, to pull out impactful insights from your data for specific applications

Customer segmentation
Leverage customer segmentation machine learning to know customers who respond to new promotions or new products or discounts, or to identify new personalities based on groups of attributes that went unnoticed to a human eye. This will open ample opportunities for better targeting.
Customer journey mapping
Drive and personalize engagement with your customers by analyzing interactions with them at every touchpoint. By gathering data on how your shoppers buy, why and where, AI helps you achieve higher rates of cross-selling/upselling, get more positive social media mentions or flag anomalies in buying patterns at a granular level so that you can speedily remove friction from the customer journey.
Sentiment analysis
Make sentiment analysis extremely easy for predictive analytics, better customer engagement or the identification of key influencers. An NLP and ML-based app that understands the emotional tone of a statement will help you track social media mentions, detect urgent customer service tickets, and guide your team in interactions by gauging human signals.
Ecommerce product recommendations
Keep an eye on customers’ behavior, including prior purchases and preferences, with AI and ML technologies to personalize interactions with them. Personal product recommendations drive loyalty and conversion rates through tailored offers, location-sensitive recommendations, or recommendations based on a customer’s activity.
Demand-supply alignment
Unlock the power of sales forecasting software and optimize your inventory or product mix with AI that is able to analyze data on local trends and seasonal changes in customer behaviour, whether in-store or online. The valuable insights will allow you to adapt in-store product displays, avoid stockouts, have inventory in the right place and at the right time, and price better.
Competitive intelligence
Track your rivals’ digital footprints with automated competitive intelligence programs that bring you relevant competitive intel in real time, enabling your business to respond immediately. A 360-degree view of why you win or lose deals will help your teams improve engagement with customers and grow sales.
Fraud prevention
Keep cybercrime at bay and secure customer data with AI and deep learning fraud detection software. AI is able to detect and flag suspicious activity in seconds, preventing false returns, employee thefts, loyalty fraud or account takeovers.
Intelligent automation
Boost your shop-front and back-office operations with better customer service, and smart paperwork, staff and product management. Intelligent automation can help you cut expenses on customer support while making it available 24 hours a day, and provide you with granular data on shelf inventory and customer buying patterns.

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How AI solutions for retail
can win today’s demanding customers

Margins are under pressure as buyers are changing behaviors and switching brands, driven by the rise of digital and the COVID-19 crisis. Whether in-store or online, retailers are feeling the impact. With over 70% of customers expecting companies to personalize engagement and use new tech, our AI development team is here to make sense of millions of clicks and taps for creating an up-to-scratch offering.

AI benefits for retail:

of retail firms have increased revenue
through better use of their data assets
increase in sales is driven by chatbots
revenue growth is attributed to
personalized product recommendations
of customers admit that their standards
for good experiences are higher than ever
of customers say being treated like
a person not a number is very important to them
of customers actively seek to buy
from the most innovative companies
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