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Fitness & Wellness
Mobile Development, DevOps, Testing
Swift, Kotlin, Dagger, Typescript, React, MySQL, ElasticSearch, PHP 8, SQL, AWS


As the pandemic is forcing mobile consumers to look for new ways of staying fit while social distancing, fitness app installs have boomed. To find a competitive edge in the market is no easy task today. Our client, however, had an idea how to stand out from the crowd. The client wanted to build a mobile fitness app that would offer users an all-in-one fitness solution with smart training plans, healthy diets, and a lot of other valuable content based on scientific research. To convert their idea into life, they needed an experienced mobile development partner that would be able to integrate training and nutrition knowledge smoothly. They turned to ITRex.

Our task was to:
Conduct business analysis to scope the solution and make recommendations on its optimum functionality within the client’s budget expectations
Design and build the front and back end of the Android/iOS fitness app using DevOps to accelerate the process
Run manual testing to ensure smooth user experience


A content-rich fitness app for Android and iOS provides fitness enthusiasts with access to tried and tested workouts and nutrition tips. The app makes it easy for users to reach their fitness goals by offering individually tailored training plans and diets, exercise videos, webinars, recipes, and scientific articles. Engaged as a provider of end-to-end mobile development services, ITRex helped the client simplify the solution scope while preserving desired functionality in line with the client’s budget expectations. For the management of content assets, we used AWS for cloud storage
UX/UI giving the app a “scientific” feel
Onboarding via an application form to recommend a personal training program, including a training schedule and a meal plan. The app makes recommendations based on user inputs, from age, gender, fitness level, and available equipment to the muscle group they want to train, by matching the inputs to training plan parameters set via the admin panel
Workout tips and video instructions provided as part of the training program
Option to add days and exercises to the training program or change the set number, rep number, or rest interval
Overview of achievements upon workout completion
Option to view and select other training programs
Ability to add programs and exercises to favorites
Recommendations on the next training schedule/meal plan
Workout reminders and other motivational notifications
Personal scoreboard to keep track of weight progress and personal records
Option to share personal training logs on social media
Leaderboard to compare individual progress with others’ achievements
Library of exercise videos
Library of webinars
Offline mode
Admin panel providing a convenient way to create and manage the entire content, including adding and deleting plans
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Acting as a one-stop shop for science-based content on training and nutrition, the fitness app helps users train and eat in a smarter way
With its superb design giving the app a “scientific” feel, the app has become a coach in a pocket for thousands of users in the first couple of months since its launch

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