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With the ever-faster pace of our lives, connecting with friends has become a rare chance for many. Our client wanted to mend this. Their idea was to create an audio-first app allowing users to create friend groups and easily start group voice chats with them. Being fully satisfied with the cooperation with ITRex on another software development project, the client turned to our experts once again. We quickly assembled a strong mobile development team that delivered a smooth social app in just a couple of months.

Our task was to:
Provide consulting and elicit functional and nonfunctional requirements for the solution
Build a voice-only social networking app that gives users an easy way to start group audio chats with people on their contact list
Test the app across different Android/iOS devices


A mobile Android/iOS audio-first social networking app uses Agora to embed voice messaging. The app allows users to easily create friend groups from their contact list and start group audio chats with a single tap on the group icon, alerting friends of the user’s availability for talk. Its key features are:
Registration by creating an account or following the invite link from a friend
Profile setup
Onboarding process to create and name groups, and pick icons for them
Group audio chat are started with a single tap on the group’s icon
Ability to customize the sound friends hear whenever the user joins a room, from a cat meow to a laser gun
Ability to invite non-app-users to chats
Ability to edit groups and delete members
Ability to record voice stories


Providing a fun and super easy way to talk to real friends, the voice-based social media app has become popular amid the pandemic that has made it difficult for people to get together

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