A biomedical advisory, whose mission is to digitally transform precision medicine. The client provides AI software that helps doctors choose optimal treatment strategies based on symptoms analysis
Healthcare & Biotech
Product Development, AI, Web
WordPress, Racket, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Docker, Linux


The client developed an AI engine that assisted doctors in choosing the right treatment strategies based on symptoms analysis. However, to run the engine, one had to install it as a desktop application and configure the environment, which was time-consuming and inconvenient. To allow medical staff to access artificial intelligence insights quickly and conveniently, the client wanted to design and develop a new web application with the existing AI engine at its core.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Design a new application’s user interface to make it simpler to access and navigate
Develop and implement the first version of the web application with core features within 5 weeks
Integrate the available AI engine and a database storing information about diseases and symptoms with the web app, while retaining high engine’s performance


A high-performing healthcare AI solution with essential features that functions flawlessly across platforms and browsers and allows users to harness artificial intelligence for more accurate and reliable diagnostics
Application infrastructure built on AWS with two Linux-based instances for the AI and the web servers, as well as the relational database server
Custom APIs to convert the initial application into a Linux service in order to integrate it with the newly built web app
A new user interface that makes it easy for doctors to request and view treatment recommendations
A user authorization feature for secure application access
Reliable technical support to ensure the app’s smooth functioning and further evolution
Web-Based AI Application for Healthcare Decision-Making
AI Healthcare Decision-Making


With the fully-functional web app released on a tight deadline, the customer dramatically improved user experience, got the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience, and strengthened their position as a leading provider of healthcare solutions
The application empowers medical staff with accurate and reliable treatment recommendations, contributing to more efficient medical care and enhancing patient and doctor experience
The AI engine shows unprecedented performance, quickly returning accurate recommendations, while the web app is dramatically easier to access, configure, and navigate as compared to its desktop counterpart

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