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Are you overwhelmed by your data flood, not sure where to turn? Our big data consultants decipher your data, turn chaos into clarity, and provide insights everyone in your team can grasp.
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Enable a single source of truth
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Democratize your data safely
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Foster a data culture for efficiency
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Scale up with an AI-ready infrastructure

Data consulting & development services to empower your business

With over a decade in the game, our big data development company makes your data smart. We let your business unlock new revenue, speed up market arrival, and edge out competition. Your business, not IT, learns to discover and interpret data from sources as disparate as internal systems, social media, smart devices, video cameras, and IoT sensors.

Data Management
Expert in metadata, governance, and data storage - both data warehouse and lake, our data management consultancy optimizes storage costs, ensures compliance, and delivers seamless data.
Data Integration
Merge data sources for billing, payroll, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, and more in one place. Our data integration developers simplify this via ETL/ELT tools and custom APIs.
Data Security
Advance your data protection with cloud adoption, data encryption, and masking expertise. Our DevSecOps team streamlines security-as-code adoption to preempt breaches and cut resource costs.
Data Visualization
We craft data visualizations for easy, informed decision-making and sturdy ad-hoc analysis. You can also leverage our AR/VR development or voice assistants for effortless access to your data.

Changing the game with advanced data solutions

Propel foresight with AI and keep metrics handy via next-gen dashboards in sync with your business strategy. Our big data consulting services foster autonomous analysis and actionable reporting for disruptors.

Armed with technological and strategic know-how, we can tackle unique data issues and build a comprehensive data analytics solution from scratch
Forecast trends, automate insights into your competitors, customers, and risks, and seize opportunities via deep learning models, NLP, and AI with our big data consulting services
Use our BI expertise to build dashboards that non-techies can explore on their own. We deliver interactive reports, scorecards, custom visualizations, and more for swift decision-making
Maximize data value with comprehensive enterprise data platforms surpassing traditional BI. Forge a robust ecosystem merging your repositories with vast data capabilities

Embrace DataOps and MLOps with our big data consulting services

Let our big data consulting team help you overhaul your data processes with cutting-edge automation tools and agile methodologies. Our specialized skills in DataOps and MLOps speed up your operations and enhance data quality.

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Boost data strategy for increased security, quicker market entry, and seamless compliance. Our DataOps method optimizes infrastructure, curbs disruptions, and liberates IT resources.
Unclog machine learning workflows for swift ROI from ML production. Our approach merges design, development, testing, and delivery pipelines, reducing team friction.

Big data consulting tailored to your unique business needs

We equip companies with big data solutions that turn their data into practical, industry-specific tools for operational enhancement, customer outreach, and astute financial decisions.
Retail & Ecommerce
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Product recommendation engines
  • In-store personalization
  • Price optimization based on market trends and customer behavior
  • Customer segmentation and targeted marketing
  • Demand forecasting
  • Supply chain and warehouse optimization
Healthcare & Biotech
  • Secure medical data storage
  • Expert systems supporting faster diagnosis
  • Healthcare plan and treatment personalization
  • IoT-based remote patient monitoring solutions
  • AI-enhanced drug discovery and development
  • Predictive analytics for patient outcomes
  • Genomic and personalized medicine analytics
  • Personalization of education plans
  • Content aggregation
  • Student and teacher support (reports, analytics)
  • AI-powered grading and feedback systems
  • Learning analytics for student performance prediction
  • Data-driven curriculum development
Logistics & Transportation
  • Fleet management and logistics optimization
  • Real-time tracking and analytics
  • Route optimization
  • Just-in-time inventory management systems
  • AI-driven analysis of telematics data
  • Automated scheduling and dispatching
  • Real-time fraud detection and prevention
  • Personalized financial advice and robo-advisory
  • Risk modeling and management
  • Customer segmentation and predictive analytics for cross-selling
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Predictive maintenance and anomaly detection
  • Smart inventory and supply chain management
  • Quality assurance and process optimization
  • Real-time production tracking and control
  • Energy consumption and waste reduction analytics

Our approach

With top-tier technologies, road-tested strategies, and deep expertise in modern data architecture, our big data consultants and engineers can save you months of the data transformation effort.

We first identify business problems facing your stakeholders and prioritize use cases to start small and with a limited number of datasets.
We then build an MVP integrating the data components required for each use case and collect user feedback for adjustments to the blueprint architecture.
We continue adding the required data capabilities to your data ecosystem, keeping processes simple to scale and expand horizontally for other use cases.

ITRex: a big data consulting company you can trust

Vendor-agnostic. We aren’t tied to any providers, so we make it a priority to find the most suitable data engineering and data analytics technologies to meet your needs.
Top talent. With our 230+ strong team, we bring in data scientists, senior data analysts, elite developers, and our R&D department, delivering top results since 2009.
Rich expertise. We have years of experience in big data consulting projects across industries, from ecommerce to education, healthcare, real estate, and beyond.
Proven track record. We’ve successfully completed 600+ projects and served 200+ happy clients across the globe.
Itrex’s team are experts in their trade. The software development they provided was critical to advancing the project to the next level.
Jeff Block
Jeff Block
VP of Process and Technology
PotentiaMetrics, Inc.
When you hire them, you're actually going to get something valuable.
Daniel Schuler
Daniel Schuler
Itrex is an outstanding partner. They don't even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team.
Ashley Lewis
Ashley Lewis
Director of Product Management
Dollar Shave Club

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