A full spectrum of deep learning consulting services

You have data. You want it to talk and drive change. Deep learning is what turns all kinds of information into a steady stream of insights for you to base your decisions on. The question is: how do you approach it? Whatever deep learning challenge you might face, chances are we know the solution. Well-versed in artificial intelligence and machine learning, our deep learning consultants help enterprises and startups kick off their deep learning projects — guaranteeing not a penny is wasted. We assist AI-mature companies, too, making sure your existing solution brings maximum ROI.
Business value exploration
ITRex’s experts in deep learning consulting will define your business problem and come up with an appropriate way to solve it with deep learning — or an alternative AI subset. We will assess the viability of deep learning implementation with the specifics of your business in mind
Deep learning readiness assessment
We will evaluate your infrastructure data to understand if your organization is ready to adopt deep learning. Our consultants will nail down recommendations to improve your data-maturity and infrastructure — or recommend an alternative technology route
Exploratory data analysis
We will dig into your data to validate it’s a good fit for training algorithms. If you don’t have enough data points, no worries. An experienced deep learning consulting services vendor, we will develop an optimum strategy to compensate for the lack, as well as help clean, process, and label data
Deep learning model implementation
For those who are ready to move onto implementation, we will bring our deep learning engineers to train and deploy deep learning models. Our priorities are high accuracy, high performance, optimal operational costs, and seamless integration with other enterprise systems
Deep learning app development
We will not only train and implement a high-performing deep learning model but also develop a business application to operationalize it. We will put down and implement all the necessary integrations as well
Deep learning model evaluation
As a part of our deep learning consulting services, we can identify risks bound to your deep learning model portfolio and nail down actionable suggestions on how to combat them. We can help you improve models’ accuracy and speed, and cut down operational costs
Employee training
Our deep learning consultants will devise training plans for your team on how to gather data for deep learning solutions and use those for optimum performance. We can also oversee the training process and provide the necessary recommendations on the go
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Scaling deep learning models
We will come up with an optimal strategy on how to use the existing infrastructure, processes, and data to bring the value of deep learning to more facets of your business

Deep learning solutions in focus

Deep learning practitioners ourselves, we know how to craft powerful solutions — be it an intelligent advisory system or a video analysis tool — and are ready to share our know-how. Providing advisory services and development assistance, our deep learning consultants focus on the following facets of deep learning:

Recommendation systems
  • Forecasting
  • Content personalization
  • Recommendation engines
  • Intelligent document processing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Smart chatbots
  • Image analysis
  • Video content analysis

Deep learning services transforming industries

ITRex’s deep learning consultants and engineers are at the forefront of deep learning practice. They have experience delivering deep learning solutions that not only solve narrow business problems — although that is what we unfailingly do — but also spark change in entire industries.

health-book-fill (1)
  • Early disease detection
  • Diagnosis assistance
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Clinical workflow digitization
  • Sentiment analysis in clinical services
Biotech and life sciences
  • Drug target identification
  • Clinical trial design
  • Recruitment optimization
  • Drug toxicity and risk prediction
  • Supply chain and inventory management
Retail and ecommerce
  • Customer segmentation
  • Dynamic product recommendations
  • Dynamic pricing optimization
  • Digital shopping assistants
  • Customer churn prediction
  • Demand forecasting
  • Inventory management
Banking and FinTech
  • Fraud detection
  • Credit score analysis
  • Paperwork automation
  • Portfolio and wealth management
  • Dynamic customer segmentation and product recommendations

How we provide deep learning consulting services

We put workflows in place fine-tuned over many projects to guarantee transparent communication, bring value from day one, and stick to the defined timeline and budget.

Business understanding Data understanding Project planning Delivering on the agreed scope Our deep learning consultants study your business context and dive into the problem We evaluate the available data and infrastructure. Often, at this point you already get actionable recommendations We define the service scope, set up service level objectives, agree on the deliverables, and set up a project team of consultants and/or engineers. We perform the scope of work, hand over the deliverables, and review project outcomes together with the customer.

Featured deep learning case studies

What deep learning consulting services bring to the table

Neural network-powered solutions contribute $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion to the global economy each year. As a deep learning consulting company with a decade of experience, we are confident that deep learning can help you achieve your business goals faster while also laying the groundwork for long-term growth.
Make impactful decisions. Acting on the insights that were unavailable with traditional analytics systems you may stop the guesswork and make data-backed decisions.
Increase revenue. With higher operational efficiency that stems from deep learning-driven forecasts and automation, dynamic responses to customers’ needs, and more efficient risk management, early deep learning adopters achieve higher revenues.
Improve employee satisfaction. Neural networks help automate workflows, taking the burden of tedious tasks off the employees’ shoulders.
Develop better products. Relying on predictions about what customers really want and timely introducing new features, businesses win loyal brand advocates.

Why choose ITRex as your deep learning consulting partner

We are experts in artificial intelligence. With hands-on experience designing and engineering artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning solutions, we are qualified enough to take on the most challenging projects.
We are flexible and vendor-agnostic. We are not bound to any specific vendors, so we only recommend tools and technologies that best fit your project.
We have an internal R&D lab. We try out new deep learning concepts and experiment with the latest technology. This allows us to build prototypes based on critical insights and be proactive in solving your challenges.
We’re not afraid of saying no. Not all business problems require deep learning solutions. If your challenge can be solved by less demanding means, for example, rule-based algorithms, we would rather save your investments and recommend an alternative route.
We deliver value right away. We share our first feedback as early as during the first call. We are upfront about how much effort your project will take, which tools and technologies we will employ, and which deep learning techniques we’ll rely on to realize your vision.


The cost of initial deep learning consulting that gets you onto a deep learning adoption journey totals approximately $20,000. The cost of implementing deep learning, in turn, may start at $60,000 to $80,000 for simpler use cases and step into the six-figure realm for more complex, non-trivial solutions.
We use an array of libraries and tools, for instance, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, NVidia TensorRT, DALI, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, OpenCV, Pandas/Numpy, Spark-ML, and Hugging Face. To set up cloud infrastructures for running deep learning algorithms, we rely on Amazon SageMaker, Google Cloud Vertex AI, and more.
Our deep learning consultants make sure your business data is safe by employing security best practices, such as role-based data access, continuous monitoring of user activity, and others.
We will develop an optimal strategy to compensate for the lack of data, either modifying the existing entries to create more data points or generating the needed volumes synthetically.

What Makes ITRex Stand Out

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