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Product Development
Kotlin, MVVM, LiveData, Coroutine, Koin, Room, Glide, Retrofit, BLE, Firebase Crashlytics, Swift, Foundation, Core Bluetooth


A global leader in smart home connectivity solutions was concerned about usability challenges that users faced with a top-brand air conditioner. They wanted to reinvent a native remote control solution that had scarce functionality and failed to match advanced IoT systems for intelligent living. The company turned to ITRex for assistance with building mobile app-based air con controls that would appeal to users with convenience, intuitive navigation, and trendy experience.

Specifically, our team took on the following challenges:
Build Android and iOS apps from scratch for air conditioner setup and control
Link the app to native remote controls using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology
Pack the app with multiple air con control functions
Address device pairing issues for increased security
Provide full-cycle testing services to check user experience, functionality and performance


An Android and iOS app with a three-layer architecture for air con installers to set up the devices on site and for end-users to easily adjust their settings
Multiple functions, including temperature/humidity change, child lock, timer, and quick mode settings
Setup of BLE, a short-range link for a fast, low energy data transfer which enables the app to communicate with air con remote controls in the IoT infrastructure
A hidden process protected by a password to distinguish between tech specialists and end-users
Multi-user support that allows remote to store a dozen unique mobile devices and manage the list of paired devices
Automatic removal of pairing information to protect air conditioners from unauthorized access
Functionality enabling the app to keep discovered characteristics of a device for quick reconnection
Support of multi-resolution mobile devices
Extensive testing across platforms and devices, and post-go-live support
Compliance with the brand guidelines of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) making the air conditioners
App-based air conditioner controls
air conditioner controls for smart homes


Intuitive and responsive feature-packed controls have taken intelligent living to the next level, increasing users’ satisfaction with the client’s smart home connectivity solutions
The app has provided technical specialists with an easy and simple way to set up air conditioners on site

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